Hume pays tribute to King…

PEACE Laureate John Hume recently gave a speech at Boston University in honour of Martin Luther King. Yesterday, Hume paid tribute to his widow, Coretta Scott King.As an aside, while I wouldn’t deny Hume claiming the ‘civil rights’ part of the MLK legacy, King promoted integration, something the SDLP does not seem to prioritise. Fair?

  • David

    The SDLP is indeed the civil rights party in the North.

  • felix quigley

    One of the things I wish to explore is the fraternal relationship between the American Blacks and rhw American Jews in the struggle against racism. King himself stated very explicitely that hatred and opposition to Israel was indeed Anti-semitism. He was not talking about the OCCASIONAL criticism in that statement. This is hidden by the Islamofascist supporting followers of Palestinian terror against Israel.

  • Brian Boru

    Well Felix, considering that Israel ethnically-cleansed 700,000 Palestinian Arabs from present-day Israel, it is hardly surprising that the Palestinians hate Israel so much. If I were in that position, I would resent as would anyone. Israel is its own worst enemy. It could have stability if it just ended its 40 year occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.