Hotlinks – The reaction so far

A quick round-up of links to quotes about the IMC report. As these are being complied on the hoof, so to speak, some articles may overlap others (Ed: ahem, Pete B).

BBC NI has a good roundup, including quotes from Blair, Hain, Demot Ahern, Reg Empey, Alban Maginnis and David Ford.

Paisley sees the report as a vindication, whereas McGuinness says the IMC is politically motivated and hostile to republicans.

IRA challenged for ‘holding on to weapons’ : Hain and Blair soundbites towards bottom of report

More quotes from Hain: ‘IRA Moving in the Right Direction’

Prior to the report’s release, quips from Woodward, Orde and Ford.
Woodward: “It should be looked at in the sense of context and progress. I think if people do that we will have an interesting day.”
Orde: “It is a comprehensive document, and people need to look at it in the round rather than simply pull out pieces that suits what they want to hear.”
Ford: “In practice, any and all paramilitary activity associated with a political movement is a threat to democracy, human rights and the rule of law.”

RTE News at One has Michael McDowell. (Real Player)

  • Pete Baker

    *ahem* indeed.

  • Well its pretty clear who are the party poopers, who still have a long long way to go in facing reality.

  • Mickhall

    The majority of the politicians quoted on the BBC site and here have lost the plot and have missed the whole essence of a democratic system. It is not for SF’s political opponents to give them ‘a clean bill of health’ It is for the electorate to do this and the fact is this has been done twice over. Firstly when a majority in the north voted for the GFA and secondly when a majority of the nationalist electorate voted for SF to represent them within both the Assembly and its administration.

    This having occurred, gives SF a democratic right to enter the Assembly administration. The only thing which could stop them from doing so would be if the UK and Irish governments deemed SF was an illegal political Party. As this is not going to happen, all else is froth, playing politics and sleight of hand shenanigans



    I think it is you who misses the point.
    We have a proposed system of government based upon voluntary coalition.
    You can’t force the majority to go into power with the minority especially when the majority percieve the minority to be acting in a manner contrary to the spirit of democracy.
    Nowhere in any legislation is it written that Sinn Fein have an automatic right to be in an administration.
    If they got a majority of the votes in Northern Ireland, you might have some kind of point.
    They don’t.

  • lib2016

    The day will come when unionists will rue their refusal of powersharing. Nothing will destroy the DUP faster than to claim a veto on democracy. That course destroyed the UUP and it will do the same for the DUP.