Hotlinks – The reaction so far

A quick round-up of links to quotes about the IMC report. As these are being complied on the hoof, so to speak, some articles may overlap others (Ed: ahem, Pete B).

BBC NI has a good roundup, including quotes from Blair, Hain, Demot Ahern, Reg Empey, Alban Maginnis and David Ford.

Paisley sees the report as a vindication, whereas McGuinness says the IMC is politically motivated and hostile to republicans.

IRA challenged for ‘holding on to weapons’ : Hain and Blair soundbites towards bottom of report

More quotes from Hain: ‘IRA Moving in the Right Direction’

Prior to the report’s release, quips from Woodward, Orde and Ford.
Woodward: “It should be looked at in the sense of context and progress. I think if people do that we will have an interesting day.”
Orde: “It is a comprehensive document, and people need to look at it in the round rather than simply pull out pieces that suits what they want to hear.”
Ford: “In practice, any and all paramilitary activity associated with a political movement is a threat to democracy, human rights and the rule of law.”

RTE News at One has Michael McDowell. (Real Player)