Big Ian sets out his stall…

DEBATE over the DUP’s latest proposals (full pdf here) has already begun, with nationalist rejection. However, beyond the kneejerk reaction, there is a document here that is worth reading – it is a statement of exactly where the DUP is right now. But it is not a closed book, and cleverly presents plenty of options to consider and work into negotiations and flesh out. Naturally, the proposals for discussion in the governments’ ‘big push’ leave wriggle room for the DUP while they’re peace processing, but gone are the days when they weren’t even at the table.

Anyone done any maths on the different models the parties have presented?

  • Betty Boo

    “Right Click and download this policy document in pdf.”
    I clicked and clicked … and nothing happened. Is this intentional or just me?

  • slug


    Its an error by the Belfast Gonzo.

    Go to the DUP site and you can get the document.

  • BogExile

    It won’t work its FAKING REALITY!

  • Betty Boo

    Thanks, Slug. Got it, learned a new word: “un- suspension”.