Nomadic sinking without funding…

CAMPAIGNERS have two days to raise the £175,000 needed to buy the Nomadic – the Belfast-built Titanic ferry – at auction and save her from the scrapyard. With plans to reinvigorate the Titanic Quarter well-advanced, it looks like the last ditch efforts to save the last floating link with the legendary ship could sink without trace.

  • slug

    It would seem like peanuts for something that would make a big difference. Belfast City Council should put up the money.

  • Whoever did do the Northern Bank robbery; search your conscience and give up some of the money for a good cause. Used notes, in a sports bag dropped off at a bus stop of your choosing will be fine…

  • Why bother? The titanic sank on it’s first outing… good job guys… I would’ve thought you’d all rather forget that particular piece of work

  • smcgiff

    Titanic – Sunk by some frozen water – Tsk!

  • slug

    I see the negative thinkers are out of bed.

  • H&W should be keeping it well quiet… no wonder nobody wants ships built in belfast these days, they’re celebrating the one that didn’t work!

    Come till baelfast, we’ll bild yis a shep fir till go on ‘a watter, till yee hit sam ice like, shir we’ll bild a nice ‘partment black fir till ‘member yis after but…

    great sales pitch!

  • eranu

    heres a great opportunity to have a real white star ship in belfast, with all the benefits that would bring. HMS Belfast looks great in the Thames and is one of the sites recommended to stop at on the london bus tours.
    id love to see this happening in belfast, we have very little worth visiting. every city has churches and museums and the usual tourist sites. people want something different to visit. being able to go onboard a white star ship and have a look around would definately be something unusual.
    but i have this sickening feeling inside that as usual the people incharge in NI, politicians, councilors, government officials, tourist board etc, will talk and talk and try to get someone else to do it but ultimately fail. my opinion of the above people in NI is that most are middle aged morons that do nothing but shuffle papers in the office and go back home in the evening. totally useless when it comes to doing something big. honestly, can you think of anywhere else that would let opportunities slip by like we do?
    is there no one in NI with the ability to get anything done?

  • smcgiff

    ‘id love to see this happening in belfast, we have very little worth visiting. every city has churches and museums and the usual tourist sites.’

    But, does London have a mural of Eddie!

  • eranu

    eddie who? eddie the eagle?

  • DST

    Yes – this is a great opportunity to get a piece of tangible history – and give a focus to the Titanic Quarter / maritime museum etc. They should snap it up. I’ll happily donate a few quid.

  • gof

    Plenty of info here for anyone who wants to help….