No Brokeback in Ballymena?

Brokeback Mountain, the movie about a gay relationship between two cowboys, is apparently not coming to cinema screens in Ballymena!

  • Interesting that they are showing Breakfast on Pluto, and not Brokeback Mountain. Maybe because the main character in Breakfast on Pluto is a cross-dresser, while the gay characters in Brokeback Mountain aren’t so easily identified. Possibly the real issue with Brokeback Mountain is the fact that it shows gays as human beings that everyday people can relate to?

  • crow

    This is a very sad state of affairs.

  • No day out for Paisley & Co so.

  • Shore Road Resident

    Showing this film in Ballymena is clearly subjudice until the matter of Berry vs DUP has been resolved in a court of law.

  • Conor

    you fancy elaborating shore road resident?

  • Shore Road Resident

    No. That would be subjudice as well.

  • Aaron D

    Hold on a second.

    Brokeback Mountain is NOT a movie about gay cowboys…

    it’s a movie about gay shepherds. There were no cows in the entire movie.

  • The Devil

    Quite right keep these type of movies down in Belfast with the Sodomite population of Rathcoole, the next thing we’ll be watching the following Westerns.

    The Magnificant Seven inches
    Big Butch Cassidy and the Gaydance Kid
    The High Chapel Gal
    Gay fight at the O.K Coral
    The Battle of the Little Bighorn
    Seven Boys for Seven Brothers
    The Man from Larry and ME
    Wild Bill Bigcock (starring lord laird)
    The Texas Star (anybodys for that matter)
    Billy The Kiddyporn
    The Good The Bad and The Gay


    Here are some Hollywood ones for real

    Take a Hard Ride (i swear i have not made this up)
    The Taking of Luke McVane (not made up)
    The Taking of Mustang Pete (not made up)
    Tall Man Riding (not made up)
    Taming a Cowboy (not made up)
    Taming a Tenderfoot (not made up)
    The Taming of Grouchy Bill (not made up)
    Tell Them Willie Boy is here (not made up)
    Ten Wanted Men (in the Kremlin its 100’s)
    Tex Rides With The Boyscouts ( I swear look it up)

  • Henry94

    Hang on a second I’m confused. The gay cowboy film is called Brokeback Mountain?

    So what’s Ring of Fire all about then?

  • Mike

    “Hang on a second I’m confused”

    Take a trip up a mountain with a ‘friend’, see if that resolves any issues for you;)

  • Andy

    This is funny. Ballymena people….get a life

  • Keith M

    Just as a matter of interest how many cinema screens are there in Ballymena? I ask because “Brokeback Moutain” has done quite poorly here, never coming close to denting the Top 5 even in Dublin!

  • Young Fogey

    it’s a movie about gay shepherds. There were no cows in the entire movie.

    Quite right. In the West, cowboys and sheep men hated each other, and both regarded crop farmers with the utmost contempt.

    But gay sheep herder film doesn’t have the same ring.

  • Brian Boru

    Confirms what I said on the Hughes thread.


    I’m a fan of both Jake Gylenhall and the director Ang Lee, but I’ll be avoiding this film cos it sounds like a tedious pile of crap.
    I tried to read a book written by the screenwriter and couldn’t stay awake.
    It seems entirely plausible that this film isn’t being shown because there isn’t enough interest in it to make it profitable.

    My advice, avoid this film and try Ang Lees earlier movies, the Wedding Banquet or Eat,Drink, Man, Woman, both fantastic films.

  • G.M.C.

    It is quite cool. The movie is about happy people and the happy city website calls the of the happy events “same-sex”. No thrusting of perfectly fine adjectives upon unwanting humans who want actually to live, here, as completely untenable and sick, sick, sick-making nouns. (Except perhaps as unconsidered in the title of the website, only perhaps, and in the description of the film in the article above, should I be disillusioned in my inital belief of what it means. “They can’t be happy all of the time, can they? Exclusively? Aren’t many of us happy so often?”)

    But I suppose with my migraine tonight, the next time I read “He / She is a homosexual.” Who cares? I may experience as I frequently do a double illness for having missed an opportunity for reading incorrectness which hurts the previous time, this time.

    The devil is wicked beyond belief.

    ‘Gay’ still means happy. There is not a homosexual, dictionary writers.

  • Donnie

    There is one cinema in Ballymena which seems desperate to remain in the 17th century. What a shower of slack-jawed inbreds.

  • G.M.C.

    Perhaps I am a bit hasty or overprotective of my sensitive and I believe pretty normal self, even very normal self, perhaps, if this concept isn’t unhelpful in itself, here or largely, whatever normal may be, against the confusion in my being which reading these terms can bring.

    ‘Gay Belfast’ can easily mean, perhaps I should admit, the city for those interested in same-sex relations. Quite simply. There is, I suppose, nothing wrong with this, except that it still lingers as a headache to me that the city is not a same-sex of course. Maybe this is an obsessive reaction. I think it is in part though that what I say is annoying in part or fully to some people.

    ‘Gay interest Belfast’ would be a whole lot more preferable to me if I thought at all the word gay was appropriate. ‘Same-sex’ is a brilliant term for those confused by the appearance of the other terms I have mentioned and those I haven’t mentioned.

    The subject doesn’t usually interest me at all as it is, isn’t it generalist or artificial I usually rather quickly think in browsing occasionally. Or weird in the same way as the reactionary putative socialists who gave the impression perhaps that they were not aware at all that it was possible that everyone whom was well was came under any relevant definition of a socialist. How to exclude and cause migraines with social terms, our words we have beneficially.

    But those persons were being fashionable, taking hold of the times for a while and getting one message across. We have learned, I have, I wasn’t in favour though I thought it reasonable before my headaches began.

    It seems the same with the lingering ‘gay’ descriptions, contextually inept and not evolving or apparently ready to evolve as no identification of this truth is usually hinted at by those using the terms, within the frame of how we are, how we speak. Perhaps, I hope, this will change.

    ‘Homosexual’ as a noun is right out for me, and often in the same way with the other word, in its use as an adjective.

    Though I guess I would have a normal occasional or very occasional interest, interest here being healthy naturally I think in some way, or perhaps, who knows in ignorance, perhaps there are those whom do, truly, for themselves of course but even for most or perhaps all! I wonder what the wisdom would be!

    As for, I suppose, many or even most people if the description were ‘same-sex Belfast interest reports”, and if this kind of attention to our sanity I estimate were given, mine at least, respect would be forthcoming in many ways as normal. And also new, natural earthly interest as we are here in the new apparent representation for all we people and life of this held marginal interest. Or at least not the distancing or lack of which perhaps come as it comes to this writer as well as sore heads. I do believe the people concerned, in journalism for example, can be and shall be responsive.