Plans B, C and D…

FROM ‘modular devolution’ through to ‘civic administration’, there are now a variety of options on the political table to mull over. As we await the publication of the DUP’s proposals, Mark Devenport takes a look at what’s on offer.

  • aquifer

    The SDLP idea of replacing British ministers with ‘civic administrators’ is grand. After all, why should intransigent unionism be rewarded with direct rule, a preferred option for them.

    But for some reason the SDLP seem to want to have their political opponents included fully in government as of right, even when implicated in gangsterism:

    (Mark Durkan) added: “We want the assembly restored. If parties aren’t willing to form an inclusive executive, we then have to look at what other options there are, short of suspension and direct rule again. And for the SDLP short of voluntary coalition.”

    colluding in their own political castration, again?

  • dodrade

    The Ulster Unionist plan of a fully functioning assembly holding a direct rule executive in check has some merit as an interim measure, but I doubt it will be seriously considered by the government.