Staunton, Robson a double act for Ireland?

Officially nothing has been confirmed, but, as the Irish Examiner reports, it now seems likely that the new manager of the Republic of Ireland football team will be Steve Staunton, and he’ll be joined by Sir Bobby Robson in a full-time advisorial role – if the negotiations are successful. The Guardian also has the story and notes that Staunton, who has no experience in a senior manager’s post although he’s spent this season as a coach at Walsall FC, was not the FAI’s first choice – They couldn’t tempt Martin O’Neill and weren’t tempted by Terry Venables. According to the BBC, Jack’s happy.

  • West Belfast Ireland fan

    Again the FAI put their grubby little financial expense accounts ahead of the whole nation and appoint someone without ability on the cheap.

  • smcgiff

    Eoin Hand described it as a “Brave decision” in a Yes Minister, Sir Humphries kind of way.

    I think the Staunton/Sir Bobby partnership could be a winner – or at least a qualifier! 😉

  • Ringo

    Might wake the players up to the fact that no one better was willing to manage them. Staunton has a gravity in terms of his acheivements in a green shirt second only to Keane. 102 caps and 3 world cups – peerless. Not to mention League medals, FA cups etc. The man has more on his cv than the entire squad he inherits.

    If an ounce of his character rubs off on a squad that is best described as spineless, immature, overpaid and egotistical, it will be no harm. But while we’re expecting the likes of Duff and Keane the lesser to provide leadership and character where always had the likes of Keane, McCarthy or Moran – (or even Staunton himself marching up and down the tunnel a few years back roaring – ‘we won’t be fucking bet’ over and over again) we’ll go nowhere.

  • martin ingram

    I wish them Good Luck. The squad at present is poor and anybody would struggle to put out a competitive side.

  • Henry94

    The job of international manager should not be a trainee position. The FAI are hoping they get lucky and we now have to hope the same.

  • smcgiff

    ‘The job of international manager should not be a trainee position’

    But, AFAIK, we’ve never had a ROI manager that had international experience before.

    Even at club level what clubs did Big Jack coach?

    Expectations of whom we could attract have to be kept in mind.

    The ROI are not Brazil you know! (Oh! I slay me!!!)

  • paddy breen

    I’ve got this screen saver of George Bush’s head superimposed onto Hitler’s body but it’s beginning to give me the heebeejeebees. Can anyone tell me where i might get an arms-linked Laurel ‘n Hardy snap with Abe Simpson superimposed over Oliver Hardy, in light of the impending ROI managerial announcement.

  • Staunton doesn’t have the qualifications but then neither did Rudi Voller or Jurgen Klinsmann when they took the Germany job, or Marco Van Basten and Frank Rijkaard when they were given the Dutch hot seat.
    I’m not best pleased, but I’ll give him a chance.

  • Ringo

    Martin Ingram –

    I’ve been thinking, is Kevin Kilbane a british agent too, or am I just getting paranoid? How does he keep getting picked – is he being protected by someone higher up in the FAI?

  • headmelter

    I can’t afford to go to South Africa anyway.

  • Keith M

    I think that this is a choice. Robson is one of the most experienced managers around today, and there’s an arguement that he should have been put in charge for two years with Staunton learning from him. Staunton knows the FAI set-up and the players very well and showed true leadership skills after the Cork gurrier walked out in Saipan. (On the subject of Keane, may I congratulate him on his Celtic debut. He has raised the hearts of Rangers fans everywhere!).

  • PS


    Big Jack managed Middlesborough amongst other clubs.

    i think its the wrong choice for manager. now I have nothing but respect for Staunton as a player but appointed somebody with absolutely no managerial experience is not the way forward. yes, it might work but it could also be a spectacular failure.

    Venables should have been appointed – he has a track record at international level and has the experience necessary. yet again the FAI go for the cheap option.

  • Mark

    “Staunton has a gravity in terms of his acheivements in a green shirt second only to Keane.”

    Not sure I would be happy to be described as second only to a man who throws his toys out of the pram on the eve of one of the biggest events of his career because of some petty personal dispute and a training pitch that isn’t quite to his liking.

  • smcgiff


    I wouldn’t have minded Venables. At least things would be interesting, but don’t forget Sir Bobby.

    I hope the ‘Amongst other clubs’ were more impressive than Middlesborough. I remember at the time that I was gutted they didn’t give the job to Paisley.

  • smcgiff

    Can we not have one thread about ROI Soccer without mentioning Saipan or Roy Keane?

    And I thought unionists were bad what with the whole Battle of Boyne thing.

  • Paul

    I’m not sure how important managers are at international level. Beckenbauer managed Germany to a world cup win with no managerial experience at all, because he had a good group of players. Other world cup winning managers have done zilch at club level after their wins. Bobby Robson got a lot of credit for England reaching the semis in 1990 but, by all reports, the senior players took charge of tactics and selections after they misfired in the group stages. Euro 2004 apart it comes down to the players at this level. The ROI just don’t have them at present.

  • tra g

    The problem Stauton will face is that the team is in ‘ part’ transition.

    How he incorporates the new young batch of players into the squad will be crucial.

    Young premiership players like Joey O’Brien(18), Stephen Ireland(18) & Stephen Elliott(21) need to gain international experience. Room has to be made for Kevin Doyle & Aidan McGeady in the new managers plans.

    Staunton has an experienced core of players at his disposal in Keane,Duff,Given,Dunne,O’Shea,Finnan & can call on Clinton Morrison,Andy Reid,Liam Miller, Stephen Reid & Matt Holland When Required.

    How he blends the old and the new will be the big test for Stan.

    At least he has the luxury of packed stadiums to his advantage and with a waiting list of 5000 trying to get onto the block booking scheme thats not likely to change.

  • oceallaigh

    Not too many people know the game as well as Bobby Robson ,his credentials are impeccable and I think Staunton under his guidance will be very successful for years to come .I say good luck to all of them and as someone who has coached football we have to remember it`s just a game .

  • Keith M

    smcgiff “Can we not have one thread about ROI Soccer without mentioning Saipan or Roy Keane? And I thought unionists were bad what with the whole Battle of Boyne thing.”

    (Adopting a Balymena accent) “Never, never”. Seriously, do you think if Beckham had done the same to England and then been allowed back, that we wouldn’t still be hearing about it?

  • smcgiff

    KeithM ‘Seriously, do you think if Beckham had done the same to England and then been allowed back, that we wouldn’t still be hearing about it?’

    You mean like the time he got the red card for kicking out at the Argentine in the ’98 World Cup. At the time he was singularly blamed for England not winning the WC. I seem to remember there being similar demands for him not to be picked for England again.

    He came back and the ’98 incident has been allowed to pass into history. A lesson there me thinks.