modern politics..

A quick summary of today’s events.. nothing much happened here.. but the leader of one political party confirmed his struggle with alcoholism, and called a leadership election, while another, the George of Galloway, as predicted on Harry’s Place, signed into Celebrity Big Brother.. modern politics, eh?

  • BelfastGonzo

    Aside: Lembit Opik, who was raised in Belfast, has said he won’t be standing against Kennedy during the leadership election.

    I quite like Kennedy. He even bought me a pint a while back…

  • Crataegus

    If Charles had any sense he would stand aside, even if he wins he can’t come out of this without being damaged. Why hang on, better to jump.

    As for George not sure what it would take to sink him.

  • smcgiff


    Noam Chomsky To Deliver Annual Amnesty Lecture

    Noam Chomsky

    Wednesday 18th January 2006

    Described by The New Yorker as ‘one of the greatest minds of the 20th
    century’, Noam Chomsky will give the 2006 Amnesty Lecture in Trinity
    College Dublin on January 18th, the theme of which will be ‘The War on

    Noam Chomsky has been Professor of Modern Languages & Linguistics at the
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 1976.

    The lecture is open to the public, and tickets will be free. However, we
    anticipate there will be huge demand, and priority will be given to current
    members of Amnesty (Irish Section). Bookings can now be taken at the
    Amnesty office by calling 01 6776361 or by e-mailing us at

    If the demand for tickets exceeds the capacity of the venue in TCD, there
    will be simultaneous live transmission to several theatres on campus,
    allowing full participation by all attendees in the Q&A session after the
    lecture which will be chaired by broadcaster and journalist Olivia O’Leary

    NB: tickets will be allocated on the basis of one per person or in the
    event of a household membership, two.

  • Keith M

    “I quite like Kennedy. He even bought me a pint a while back…” are you sure you drank it and it didn’t misteriously disappear when you were in the toilet?

    Joking aside Kennedy has put the LibDems in an awful position. He’s been a poor leader and now he is playing the pity card to hold onto the leadership. Vote for him and you end up with a lame duck, vote against him and you look like you’re kicking a man while he’s down. It’s all great news for Cameron and the Tories.

    As for Galloway, hanging out with a group of fellow grotesques, I’m sure he’ll feel right at home surrounded by backstabbing vaccuous media hungry whores, it’s like he’s never left Westminster.

    Apparently people thought that Michael Barrymore would receive a hostile reaction from the crowd but it was Galloway who got roasted by the audience!

  • Cynic

    Kennedy should have gone with grace. He’s showing grave misjudgement. He lied about his treatment and, after all, has only ‘come out’ because of the threat of exposure.

    George will be as unbearable in this house as he is in the ‘other place’.

    I know it’s been said before but is it time for a Northern Ireland Celebrity Big brother? We have enough local celebs & could have some of our politicians in as well. (After all they don’t really have any prospect of representing anyone for the next year or two.)

    We could lock them all up in our Big House – Stormont! Eamon Holmes can host / present. Who’d be Big Brother? Who should go in?

  • Crataegus


    With all the spy cameras some should feel right at home.

  • What about a Slugger Big Brother, 12 of the most prolific posters shut up together to do tasks, nominate etc, great craic! (for the viewers of course)