Website attracts enormous response…

The Lisa Dorrian website dedicated to drawing out any information leading to the recovery of her body has been a huge draw for readers. Though its not clear what kind of response it has drawn. The slideshow that is central to the site is a powerful evocation of her young life.

  • missfitz

    Wow….. I heard about this on the news this morning, but that was extremely powerful. I hope that one day the family will get some peace of mind

  • missfitz

    Indeed, and apart from them getting peace of mind, there may be lessons learned about how effective this means of information gatthering is.

  • Well – good for them but the figure of 5M+ hits is kind of misleading – not sure who designed this website but look how many images there are to each page – any wonder the racked up 5M hits in such a short space of time, hopefully their hosting isn’t too expensive – wonder how many Unique Visitors they got…..

    don’t get me wrong though, don’t want to make it sound like this isn;t an achievement, hopefully they’ll get their justice.

  • missfitz

    Dont know if you’ll see this, but I heard Lisa’s sister on the radio talking about the website. In addition to the useful leads they feel they may have gotten, the family genuinely appreciated the support that this attracted.
    You’re right, a very powerful and useful tool

  • Thanks for updating me. I’m glad the family feel supported. A by-product of the site will be the chance that it give for people to just express solidarity.

  • Bertie & missfiz
    I would have serious questions as to the usefullness of the website. if we analyze it soberly its not really that sophisticated and is probably more of a tool to help people feel that they are doing something rather than nothing. Lets face it how many LVF hoods are going to pop online and check this site: zero

  • qubol

    as I said there may be ;essons to be ;earned from it, what they may be I do not know.

  • Jo

    If it performs a function to let the family know how many people sympathise and support them at this difficult that is good in itself. Someone knows something out there.

  • missfitz

    There is no doubt that in the cold light of day, and from a purely analytical viewpoint, you are correct.

    On the other hand, this could also be seen as an attempt by a desperate family to use whatever means they feel they can access to highlight their problem and beg for help. All too many families have gone through the belak and harrowing journey of death without closure. No body to bury, no grave to visit, no comfort of final christian ritual.

    So yeah, it’s a bit simple, and yeah the thugs wont be leaving messages of sympathy, but from a humanistic and compassionate point of view, it allows all of us to support this family and provide an anonymous channel for anyone who may wish to illuminate the situation