Blogging the conspiracy!

This appeared in the print version of today’s Guardian, though we can’t find it on line. Three of our NI blogging colleagues have made it to the Guardian: A ‘gloriously deranged’ Tangled Web; Chris and the Balrog crew; and Paul out in Hungary. Congrats all!So, so many conspiracy theories. “If [Denis] Donaldson, ‘Scap’ [Freddie…

By Ben Rooney, in the The Guardian, on Monday 19 December 2005

>So, so many conspiracy theories. “If [Denis] Donaldson, ‘Scap’ [Freddie Scappaticci] and others (and there will be others) managed to operate incognito in the highest echelons of the republican movement for many, many years, how come the British state never managed to crush the IRA in a relatively bloodless fashion? After all, if Sinn Fein/IRA were infiltrated with spies, surely the terrorists could and would have been put out of business in a relatively short time?”

>”I would love to know how a man can do that. Go into work every day and look your comrades in the eyes knowing that you are fing them and the struggle over each and every day.”

>”With regard to the British secret services, laying aside the ridiculous belief that there is some sort of a throwback to the Curragh Mutiny taking place, what exactly would they get out of tormenting Gerry & Co? With Iraq and Afghanistan and more than a few home-grown terrorists keeping them occupied on the mainland, is it really feasible they’d continue to play games with an enemy that was effectively defeated over 10 years ago?”