Slow blogging ahead…

I’m working to get the next edition of Britain and Ireland ready for publication, so I won’t be around much on Slugger until Thursday. For those who can get it, keep an eye out for the debate on the Big Bite on the economic re-unification of the island – tomorrow I think.

  • Henry94

    You won’t be able to resist this one.

  • G.M.C.

    Is Mick Fealty being exceptionally modest, or does he not realise the true quality of his publications.

    Leaving Slugger O Toole aside for a moment, is it “blogging”, web logging which is being done on the pages which host the publication which is called Britain and Ireland?

    There is something of this, so strictly I relpy to my question, yes.

    But this is not the true full character of this publication.

    To me it looks like a very attractive and engaging web published news magazine, like one you would buy in the shops, or more likely have delivered once a month or every couple of months. It is a excellent format.

    I don’t know exactly what web logging is with regard to boundaries, though I thought it was something of a personal diary. Is a general news diary a diary?

    A news diary which uses the web-log format for publishing quite brief and catchy news items for both serious consideration and easy consideration from within the sea of news items which pertain to our country and Northern Ireland and also our neighbour down south.

    It partly is a blog, then.

    But, as I’ve posted before, this doesn’t describe the full format or value of Slugger O’ Toole.

    I suggest web-log open newsgroup is a better description if the desire is to largely being pretentious or specialised and precious, as few web-log sites focus so much on comments nor suggest such potential in the allowance of comment. Comment is much more incidental to web-log sites where here it is as central as the news items, and in terms of function and value the news items and comment can’t be detatched.

    I can see that the easiness of the character might be wished to be kept by using the wide term web-log or blog, where things could get all totally “involved” if the description swung clearly to open newsgroup.

    Web-log and open newsgroup?

  • G.M.C.

    Noting, nay conceding, that also more than partly this site is a ‘blog’, it is a total web-log, as it is a diary personally conducted by those handful of persons who decide what to post, informative daily personally directed items which induce comment (and really please excuse my spelling and punctuation in the published replies due to my continuing poor relationship with this keyboard, though I believe I am learning slowly.)

    I personally prefer the description I have posted in my first reply in describing Slugger O Toole, though my preference is also, in addition to my belief that this is the best description, of that I believe that any descriptions which lift web-sites from the sea of ‘blogs’ and give better categorical specificity in description are best applied. (I have expressed this some times before on this site).