Flight of the farmers…

TODAY on Talkback, one of the topics was the movement of farmers from Northern Ireland to Scotland. Popular areas seem to be Dumfries & Galloway and Lanarkshire, with farmland in places around Stranraer, for example, attracting massive interest from easterly-mobile agricultural Ulstermen. ‘Protestant flight’ to the old homeland… or canny business sense in a difficult economic climate for beef farming?

  • Crataegus

    People invest where ever they have opportunity. People here are buying land and buildings all over Ireland and Britain. Many are going further a field. Equally people are investing into here.

    Does anyone have figures that would show if we are net exporters of capital or net recipients? What I would be concern about is the attractiveness of here as a place to do business compared to elsewhere. I am thinking of setting up a different business and in all probability it will be based in one of the Baltic States. The cost of working here makes it difficult to compete, but equally important is the lack of a coherent sense of purpose in the place. It is to everyone’s benefit if we can build this place up and make it a good and prosperous place to live. The flag is secondary. Ohh must important need to get rid of the direct rule lot. Kiss of death.

  • Let us hope that this Protestant Flight continues and spreads to other sections of the British colonial population besides the farmers.

  • Nathan

    What a disgraceful comment, Diarmid.

    Don’t you realise how much of a sectarian time bomb you really are. Methinks you need deactivating, ASAP.

  • Crataegus

    What about all the people who immigrated from the West to the North in the 19th century tyo get a job? Time they left too? Or perhaps the Celts should get off this island and leave it to the previous owners.

    People are here and really it doesn’t much matter where their ancient ancestors were born, racist comments really don’t help except when it comes to blow in Government Ministers. It is open season all year with that lot.

  • Biffo


    “What about all the people who immigrated from the West to the North in the 19th century tyo get a job? Time they left too?”

    All what people? People didn’t immigate from the west of Ireland to the north of Ireland in the 19th century.

  • Tochais Síóraí

    Afraid you’re wrong there, Biffo. There was significant migration to Belfast in the nineteenth century from places like Sligo and Leitrim to work in the linen mills. You’ll still find a lot of people with surnames originally from those areas, particularly in west Belfast.

  • Biffo


    “Afraid you’re wrong there, Biffo..”

    I don’t think so TS.

    A quick look at a phone book will shows people in WB have predominantly Ulster surnames.

    Likewise if you look drive around Connaught you’ll note the number of common surnames there that you never come across in Belfast.

    The influx of southerners into the north in the 19th is a common unionist myth, and, put simply, it’s a load of ballex.

    Out of curiosity what is your list of common Connaught surnames in West Belfast?

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Didn’t say Connacht (or the anglicised version if you prefer), said specifically Sligo and Leitrim. Don’t have a phone book to hand but of course people in Belfast have predominantly Ulster surnames (never said otherwise) but you don’t know or have never heard of Belfast people with the surnames – Conlon, Feeney, Flynn, Gallagher, Mc Morrow, Crossan, Rooney, Higgins, Mc Hugh, Mc Dermott etc.? Other names like Mc Govern and Maguire are common in S.Ulster but N. Connacht also

    Significant numbers went from Sligo and Leitrim (as well as all over rural South and West Ulster) in search of work. Not sure why you’d call this a Unionist myth.

    Anyway, shouldn’t you be proud of having such exotic ancestry in Belfast?

  • Crataegus


    I know families who did originate in Leitrim etc. My former secretary for example had ancestors who hailed from Boyle and has just moved back. It is not a myth. Why do you think there are such strong ties?