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THIS is maybe one for pub quiz fans, but there’s something about skyscrapers that captures the imagination, and there’s a certain ‘wow’ factor about a really big city’s skyline, even if they are pretty anonymous close-up. Anyway, you might be surprised to find out that the architect behind the proposed Titanic Quarter in Belfast is also behind plans to build the world’s tallest building (and it will be TALL) and has already designed the biggest shopping centre in Europe.

UPDATE: New Belfast Telegraph article here.

  • G.M.C.

    The only clear plan which I can make out from the illustrations on the website I think appears like one of the very most boring plans I have seen (slideshow image number fifteen).

    The plan looks to be similar to one of the very boring high rise riverside villages of London, and I quite like and really like many of the Eastern London wharfeside villages.

    I feel I might ask if we are not good enough any more for the kind of Functionalism that we are used to in Belfast. Of the last fifty years we have a lot of very worthy and attractive examples of Modern Functionalist architecture. It’s not just about pride, there is a sense of identity, and of recognition, of value and of appropriacy here, as well as consideredness.

    To me, it feels like the worst bits of Amsterdam taken down a few levels. I would just ask why, near Victorian Belfast centre? It also seems like a stolen part of the City of London (a sublty distinguished district besides in many ways) which is a tired and unstimulating part.

    I thought that we had learned lessons of people squeezing of the last fifty years by recent times, and that generally high rise concerns were going in the way of ending. Developments are to avoid any much encroachment onto green field sites which is great, and brown field sites are to be sensitively regenerated.

    It’s not really Modern in this age it seems to me, squares, that once again provide greens as square which are gardens for a largish number of people. This without the decoration, inspiration and identity of a century ago and more. We do relish elements which appeal to the mind and self and identity and appeal to recognition and a larger picture in our lives, whether in embellishment, overall structure or otherwise in the conception.

    Separately, I believed and believe that medium-rise sattelite developments (3 to 7 stories) on green field sites and new, fast transport links is the way forward. Here at least there is the provision for a good deal of green spaces.

    This should leave more spacious and actually much better functional allocations city-wise for this most prime of spaces.

    I don’t know. Perhaps what is seen is this the way things are? What is felt and wanted. Simple, unconcerned, basic. Timeless? I don’t know.

    It could be a waste of a great opportunity. From the plans, it just seems to me that THERE IS TO BE “DEVELOPMENT”. It’s not the concept of necessity and deprivation per se in the apparent recognition that something must be done and dislike of thsi fact, but rather lack of insight and of vision. Will the constructions be appreciated and smiled at in twenty years time? Or after this, I don’t know.

  • I was thinking the same thing about Skyscrapers watching King Kong. The scene at the end is so memorable largely because of the setting and those amazing aerial shots of The Empire State Building.

  • G.M.C.

    The architect’s tall building illustration is exceptionally inspiring and easily compares to the granduer of the classical Empire State Building, and any other tall building in the world. Or even great building. I love it.

    His design for new high-rise Belfast looks to me in blandness, a little like a typical Portuguese 20th C. urban accommodation village, perhaps a typical mostly working class district, a like one which I have seen near Albufueira. I sometimes like, even love, the starkness of that real district, it not being a city district. That is a hard thing indeed to plan. The plan is not quite high rise Larne but somewhere down the line perhaps the difference will be that the high-rise accomodation buildings in Larne are more distinctive. To be frank I think it is simple to the point of being insulting.

    I feel I have to say I was distantly involved a bit with early planning and I think a lot of it came from designs from some of the architect’s associates (British, not Northern Irish). The associates concerned were forthright, and did not show any special appreciation of the place, indicating that real vision was out of sight here.

    I was led to believe that the design was one of a number of out-of-City developments on an old warehouse site beside fields, and the very least attractive of a number of such out of City development sites. In fact, and I am not joking, I believe that the associates were an amount embarrassed by the design for Belfast. Some joked that it would not come about and so “it would be alright”. The architect’s associate assured me it was in the country.

    I didn’t think it would be the favoured model for the part of the centre which has lain delightfully ready to be accessed by the Belfast public and visitors for years now. Though this plan has been raised before. Either these things take ages and ages, and separately I am experiencing that they do in development in Belfast in other ways at the moment though for the best (to pick up reasonably soon into the New Year finally), or this model is still in doubt as I assumed it was last time it was raised.

    I remember thinking of the plans as they were sold to me by an associate of the architect over a decade ago, I also a temporary associate but uninvolved in this development shown for Queen’s Island. I was clear that I was against the design being used for Queen’s Island, only one person’s opinion, though I thought would be an inherently obvious mark of a mis-spent chance of displaying respect for the district and city. I remember quite liking the one design in the coloured picture on the website, the rectangular appartment block with the long rectangular courtyard pond, and thought it alone from the plans suitable for an island which was not to be built-up. The familiarness of the public circus idea, shown in illustration with an ice-rink, was pleasing I thought, though to me not for Belfast perhaps, or, anyway, reasonably near to the development opposite St. Annes cathedral. Or, perhaps fine on it’s own somewhere in the city, but not within the unwarranted context of a “new city urbanism”, this boring and old. I thought that our hills in the distance would become pieces of urban mindset necessity with a civically planned function, rather than remaining simply surprising, chracterful and beautiful as co-incidentally viewed from the city.

    For Queen’s Island I thought of a lot of arts centres and craft outlets, and many more opportunities. This isn’t Wimpey Homes for Queen’s Island but not far away in concept.

    Personally involved and retaining interest and plans in the city, I have been not well, though I hope to see if things are still under discussion.

    Please help by giving some reactions to the whole scheme, particularly the concept of a quite tight, well-packed it seems accommodation focussed Queens Island (or much of it). I think the rest is to be not sparsely left at all, but a shipbuilding museum and Titanic memorial etc. would leave not so much room. Please speak out.

    Personally I have begun to really like the appartments around the streets between the back of the City Hall and Ormeau Avenue, simple, plain, modest and so becoming. So I think more development at a seemingly less creative and attractive level than this would be too much, and anyway, sticking basic appartment blocks in spare spaces isn’t the best way to proceed with respect for a great old city that is about to see a good deal of development anyway. Or respect for people and the present. Ah, it’s alright as an idea, but to me it smells of expediency and profit alone, else I can’t quite find what it is in relation to this great city. The title, Queen’s Island, suggests a call for something greater than lowest level functionalist buldings which is below low functionalism.

  • G.M.C.

    Spearately, I quite like the idea of this, perhaps, as a strange simple and basic village or town out in the country and allowing for architectural gardening. I wouldn’t have expected to like this, but as an identity in itself, unpretentious, and not part of Belfast I stress, then it really does seem to appeal, and I would even begin to get excited about such a settlement in the country. It’s simpleness and basicness, there, if one off or nearly this, not a model certainly, more than of the moment, would be a measure futurist and exciting given that everything stayed appropriate! Perhaps a truly twenty first century Northern Irish town.

    Perhaps there is a demand for really quite a lot of new accommodation? I maintain that such a focus on development on the most prime piece of city space would be an opportunity wasted.

  • Interesting to see capitalism at work within missile range of WW3.

  • G.M.C.

    I should say whom these people are, the associates I mentioned, Ms. Judith Widdowson, Phillip Crowe Esq. (N.I.), Ewen McKay, Vanessa McNaught (Cambs.), Catherine Hirschmann (Leeds).

    I also remember, “If you put ‘Design Principles’ on there, they’ll have to take it. …We’re going to. …Just try and stop me. ..Gavan, come on.”, occuring in a music cubicle of the school I went to, stated by Ewen McKay from Glasgow. I can’t say I could state I knew what he meant, and this gGlaswegian asked this, badgering me, and ended up by advising, “more seriously than I would ever know, could ever know.. it’s not good.”

    Also this person stated: “We’re going to f*** your city.” So did Ms. Hirschmann, Ms. Widdowson, Ms. McNaught in a chain. And Ms. Elizabeth Harper, Mr. Matthew Swann (Leeds), Mr. Aidan Burke, and Mr. Andrew Burke (latter pair of Edinburgh).

    Mr. McKay advised me, “We’re not going to stop. Ever. We’ll put you in hell. And your city. Forever.”

    Ms. Widdowson, Ms. Harper, Mr. Swann and Mr. Burke with the other Mr. Burke repeated on numerous ocassions “We’re not going to stop.” I have evidence of this.

    Mr. Crowe of Holywood also informed me “We’re going to f*** your city. It’s not mine.” He advised me, both “We’re not going to stop.”, “We’re going to stop.”, “I can’t stop. Ever.”, and, crying, “I’m going to stop.” This chap was partly for me publicising this information and he said relevant to this was, “It helps.” He has apologised but said he can’t control himself.

    On a different subject, what do you mean, Friendly Fire?

  • G.M.C.

    To add to those involved, a normal thing, for reminding them at least, a friend of the associates, Mr. Vincent Fleming of Belfast. He stated he was unique as he was the only person, actually only the first, from Belfast to Mr. Crowe and a few others followed. Ms. Rosalind Bell of South Belfast, and others yet, Mr. Aidan O’Brien of West Belfast.

    This gentleman said if “spilling the beans” on them, I should stress the seriousness and that that could not be stressed enough.

    This gentleman along with his friend, Mr. Paul Campbell, also of West Belfast, organised the manslaughter of a nice man in Donegal, which was the subject of the documentary ‘Death in Donegal’. This was recently re-screened on our southerly ndighbouring country’s channel, TV3, and made by an Eireann T.V. company. This was done “to show me.”, Mr. Campbell said. And, “so that I wouldn’t tell.” Also, “You have to tell, but you won’t be able to.”

    This documentary, ‘Death in Donegal’ was created by another associate whom was and is involved in the Belfast architecture project stated above, becoming very involved at points. The documentary is a complete lie.

    The name of the programme writer and creator is Tamsin Mendelssohn (of near Shrewsbury) whom works in the arts in Scotland now and whom was present at the manslaughter, as I was, though was not actively involved.

    She however created a fictional scenario, including the filming of dramatic elements, then purported to be real life actions of the police in the documentary, claims made by this girl which she knew to be false.

    Before the documentary, this girl told me that it was being made under the auspices of having me recover my memory of the events which was lost. She then lied, saying that it was so important that the (false) scenario be shown, telling me that it was the truth in my state of memory loss, both she claimed with sustained mock goodwill because no-one else but she knew this, and because it would help me recover my memory.

    With memory loss I didn’t know what she was talking about at all, and assumed we had witnessed a disagreement in a Donegal town between a few alcohol fuelled men and the some local guards. No-one of Donegal at all was at fault in even the slightest way with regard to the subject or subjects of the film ‘Death in Donegal’, including the police.

    This came back to me years later. The film was shot around a decade ago.

    She made sure that I was aware. She said that the group was “like the IRA in more ways than one.” And at times said “In fact we are the IRA.”

    After the documentary was filmed, this girl told me, “We’re going to f*** your city. We’re never going to stop. And we’re going to f*** you. We’re going to f*** you up. Forever. It’s most hideous.”

    Some of the persons involve I believe have been seeking help in recent years. Another Belfast girl unmentioned who told me that she incites and advises them, Ms. Keren Porter of Glengormley, told me that she would never stop. I do know she has been getting help. Personally speaking she said “but it doesn’t stop. It gets better. But it might stop. In the future. I don’t know.” But also “We’ll get you.”, and, “I can’t do it.”, and that the latter means more than one thing, especially in the future. “You have to stop me.” Also both “I’m joking”, and “I’m not joking”. Ms. Porter asked me if I would publish this. She told me to give two responses which I did. I said truthfully that I didn’t know.

    Ms. Widdowson is of Manchester, Ediburgh and Thurso. Elizabeth Harper is from Cambridgeshire.

    The news item which I have replied to a number of times after was written by Mr. Ewen McKay over a decade ago for this site.

  • G.M.C.

    This is the last reply in this block. I really would love to hear some reactions to any part or all of this.

    It is important to say that the celebrated architect who is involved here is not involved in any of this nor anything illicit, deviant or aside from authorising the architecture design of advisers as under his own name. I think that this was most likely against his better sense and was agreed under the auspices that it would be cleared up and proper attributions made in good time. This man has been very culturally aware and sympathetic.

    I suppose what is happening, and I have a lot of experience of this and have been involved in this type of thing, which is coming back through memory loss, is like the very common phenomenon of ghost-writing.

    This is so rather that another common cultural phenomenon I have been involved in the past, though not in any way personally in recent years, which is writing and creating art under pen names.

    I say that the celebrated architect, whom is a very real person, and very, very intelligent and very nice person, is culturally sympathethic. I say also here that these two phenomenons have been ocurring quite frequently. Ghost-writing used to be talked about in the press, and in public, much, much more than it is today.

    I have been a ghost-writer and have used pen names in famous cultural creations in novels to famous popular music songs, building design and landscaping, plays, . Personally this was due very frequently to elements which I often did not understand, I suppose what may be described in part as a mental problem which has at times affected me. More usually, the problem has been with my memory.

    I am not staging these published public communications with any others. And, it would be a mistake, though not unconnected I believe, to reckon that the acts of the people mentioned are to do with a staging against or in support of the “desmystification” of ghost-writers. I have written but the full extent of this has not really been made clear, as it shall be in the coming new year and coming years.

    I express I hope here that amongst others, a friend may consider my actions healthy and perhaps wish to act similarly. Separately, of course, perhaps there are others whom I have known who wish to act in this way.

    I hope that the people whom I mentioned and others whom I have not mentioned are getting better. It may be possible that very good recoveries of mental affections have been made.

    Gavan M. Connolly.

  • Crataegus

    Generally tallest, biggest, largest, does not necessarily mean good when it comes to the urban environment.

    I think the Lagan side development has created really dismal urban space. If you disagree walk through it on a rainy Sunday morning. The only highlight is the statue on Queen’s bridge and that fish.

    The Titanic quarter proposal looks dismal. No gherkins, no London Stock Exchange, no passion or inspiration, no variety, nothing ground breaking. What we will get is bog standard, low cost, concrete Iberian style.

    I hope I am wrong, as this is a massive investment and we need to get it right for the future health of the city, but it seems that in Architecture you cannot loose money by underestimating public taste.

  • G.M.C.

    I agree very much Crataegus.

    To make the sequence of posts above clearer I should explain further. Today, the day after posting a number of posts above, I noticed that my earlier replies attributed the Belfast Queen’s Island designs to the famous architect, before I then state in later replies that the work is not by him.

    I first browsed through Slugger O’ Toole yesterday morning, in a state of long recovering memory over recent months (this far from my first spate of this in recent years), and I happily read the piece and clicked on the links.

    My first reply (1.) and part of my second above (3.) are normal gut reactions from normal life, distanced from my involvement, or rather knowledge of the designs in the past, I unaware of this happening. Around the beginning of my secodnd post on this page (3.) I began to normally remember events of the past which I have stated in the posts after this.

    To be clear, then, the renowned architect did not design the plans for Queen’s Island, Belfast.

    The architect took suggestions made to him and included them under his corporate name, as was asked of him by persons known to me.

    The famous architect decided this, upon petition from the people mentioned as the associates above, whose chief and representative was Ms. Widdowson. I don’t think he was aware.

    I believe that he had been persuaded in ways which which do not include the full, normal awareness and respect of self or the comunicatee from the person persuading, and so then the full, normal awareness or involvement of the person being persuaded (the comunicatee).

    He was trusting me, as I had been acquainted with him as a boy. However, Ms. Widdowson assured and that the aim was not to have the plans fulfilled for Queen’s Island but that the plan was for something else. It was a social act, and she stated she would appreciate his help. The architect agreed.

    After speaking to the architect, Ms. Widdowson confided to me that she believed she had hypnotised the architect. I went to speak to him alone after Ms. Widdowson had finished, although I said before I wouldn’t do this because I didn’t undestand what was going on and believed I was to blame for something because of memory loss. The architect was unable to speak of what had ocurred, and I concluded that he had been hypnotised to some extent.

    I did not at all understand the intention of Ms. Widdowson.

    I was told by those whom I refer to as the associates on this page that they were evil and sick, or by some that they were sick and thie was expressed as evil. I was told they were not good, and even though they claim to be doing a strange social engineering thing which is linked to that “for the good” I should not believe them to be good.

    My former acquaintances from my childhood whom back then I had forgotten left me in Belfast after their visit assuring me that they would never carry out this plan, joking and though afterwards being ambiguous as to what they had said. I was told they had all been individually to a doctor, and were getting better. I began to believe as they left and after their visit their sometime assurances that they would never go ahead with their plans threatened, and that they were improving. A real life nightmare seemed to be over or beginning to be over.

    But, as you see here in the news item, it didn’t end then, and years of false and sick representations followed, I in the dark for all of this as my memory exluded lots in my life.

    I hope to be able to clear this up soon.

  • G.M.C.

    Actually, responding to what has been written by Craetagus and watching the video of the island as it is, I love the space which is, now.

    Only romantics perhaps could hope to keep derelict space, but I have been involved in making other plans, and these would hoped to be developed sensitively in the near future.

    The decisions for Victoria Square were taken some time, I think over a decade. Personally I was in support of having a small city centre park with low level trees, allowing the great buildings nearby to be appreciated, but there was a lot of support from others for a shopping centre.

    I sigh a bit in saying that in recent months I have really enjoyed being able to see the buildings, and the sense of space which the site in a foundational construction stage gives in this built up part of the city. But I do look forward, being realistic to seeing and visiting the new building.

  • Mark

    “I think the Lagan side development has created really dismal urban space. If you disagree walk through it on a rainy Sunday morning. The only highlight is the statue on Queen’s bridge and that fish. ”

    The fish is great, the other statue looks fairly ridiculous though. The globe is far too small. The Waterfront Hall is a modern building that looks great, but they seem determined to surround it with blandness. I agree with the comment above that we seemed to be past putting people in boxes in the sky – the difference now is that, incredibly, it is the better-off people who are actually choosing it. Nothing in this area will be affordable to the majority of people in Belfast. Like the ones behind City Hall mentioned above, their proximity to the Markets will create a certain amount of resentment and hostility (not meaning to single out the Markets, you could say the same about the new apartments on Sandy Row and no doubt in various other places).

  • Scotsman

    Moderators- in the interests of clarity, can you rescue this thread? There’s some weirdness within…

  • G.M.C.

    I do apologise that it may seem there are huge tangents from the clear subject of appreciation of building plans, and perhaps a trip in categorical appreciation on this page from my posts. But essentially there aren’t tangents in my posts, though at least to me it seems this could be assumed from initial disbelief.

    As well as honest discussions about buildings and civic planning, the essence of the subjects relevant to the news item is that the plans for Queen’s Island were drawn up by imposters. These imposters wished the world to know they were sick, for one thing, though they informed me that they very, very much were not benign.

    The issue is really something other than civic planning of the city. After coming to this consideration, the relevant subject involves a lot of information about the plans and behaviour of the persons involved.

    They wished to harm Belfast, as they clearly and categorically stated, or it is the case that some have sought to do this under unwilling compulsion instigated by some persons whom interfered with them.

    Some of these persons whom interfered, then associated themselves with those who were sickened such that they began to in a very organised and firghtened fashion, and of extremely violent intention, though not physically, hit out against the city..

    Two of this group are mentioned above, the two who are from Belfast, Vincent Fleming who is a classical musician and show musician, and Paul Campbell who has been a researcher at Queen’s University, and I believe still works at the university. They were very sick and colluded with another person, Mr. Michael Dougan of Belfast, now a law lecturer at University College London, and whom decided upon himself to draw up plans for a new European Constitution because of a hatred of organisation and order in humans and “to put it mildly”, he said, his own love of “anarchsim”.

    Mr. Dougan said, what he was doing was like him, but, he realised, was “worse than laughable”. He said “they’ll never get me.” I am not sure of his involvement directly with the buildings plans, but he said he would attempt in his working life to follow the anti-society, anti-human, and he said “devil worhsipping” plans of those who were. He described “devil worship” to me, I am largely a pagan, as worship of sickness.

    Mr. Dougan told me there is an element of incredible stupidness in society which is close to “an element of great rationalism”, suggesting also that the latter supported the allowance and furtherance of health and diversity and individuality and, naturally, appreciation of privacy and “all that is formally good.. and ‘you’ and also ‘u.’, and also ‘U.'”. He said this was so, whereas there was also “a sickness close to that” which allowed for a veiling of actions as being within the former description where they clearly were not. He said that this latter sickness was what he was and was close to him. I don’t know if he meant was him in part or not. He described the abbreviations as respectively, universal or ‘for the good’ and ‘for the right and truth’ appreciation in life or such awareness as part of being, truly, and the second abbreviation as that which is Upper Class or a very, very high awareness of being human which amounts to something similar to the first abbreviation, where not perhaps being one of gentried ruling stock, but also, he said, if there were such, to be as inclusive within such an identity and free from concerns of birth and career etc. We had been discussing this before I was confused as to the actions of those I have mentioned. Mr. Dougan was adamant that I stated if communicating about the plans I was to hear, I was so aware anyhow, that he was neither ‘you’ nor ‘u.’ nor ‘U.’. He said he was very much the opposite of these.

    I am trying to make it very plain that in one sense the plans for Queens Island are not serious, they were conceived largely as a joke in one small sense, but that in another sense, the is a very serious thing indeed, as the intention is to harm the city and people of the city. These words were told to me by some of those mentioned. “Do you want in?”, I was asked. I didn’t believe those concerned at the time, a good number of years ago.

    I am continuing with descriptions of these people here in some posts after this.

    These can be separated from the concerns of the architectural discussion, but it is necessary that I include them to give a fuller and approximately clear picture of most elements of the truth regarding the Queen’s Island designs.

    It is necessary, as I write and become more fully fluent in my memory with the events, that I make emphatically clear that the renowned architect was not at all responsible for any of this behaviour. He was not at fault at all, and was, I am quite sure, hypnotised at one point at least.

  • G.M.C.

    More comment of the real designers of the Queen’s Island plans.

    Those who were establishing a course of anti-social action mentioned that there was a further element which both contained the truth, and in two ways an escape route for them. This was an escape route that was both a lie and appealed only to human and animal godly sympathy with the sick, and a route which was “full of evil”.

    It was this, I was told, as it contained the representation, a knowingly false representation, that there was a good and proper cause to their actions, as well as existed within the sphere of knowing that they are acting against the good. It was also said that this was a further falsehood in their actions, but had something to do with their jealousy in why they were acting and were to act as they did.

    This I don’t understand, and I advise seriously it is not to believed, unless or until it may be explained, an explanation which may be tried and tested, and so we are to be extremely cautious with this should it be forthcoming, and even then I suppose, wary and not in a postition to give trust.

    This further element, only suggested, sounds in part frightening and it is as this to me. It is very important for me to state what was stated to me as a description of how these people would proceed. Though also it is something which doesn’t really exist, it being a description of a swathe of sickness only.

    It was also told to me that this behaviour allowed those concerned to proceed where there may be the assumption of social concern or decency under their acting, which in fact wasn’t there. I was told this would allow these people to “make headways in evil” that I personally “couldn’t dream of” (stated by nearly all of those concerned including Ms. McNaught, firstly, and Ms. Widdowson etc.). A fuss was made of having as many of them as possible state things like this to me.

    The intention of the associates above, those “interfered” with, excluding the “interferers” Mr. Fleming and Mr. Campbell who helped to make these people sick, seems then, as was said to me, to make a protest firstly. It was put to me very clearly, that this was not all that would happen, and the seriousness of this was stressed. After what was then described as an “apparent protest” the associates, the “interfered”, then would, they told me, “circle around” so to join the instigators and become one with them in sickness, at the same time intending to “entrap” Belfast people into having to accept the Queen’s Island plans. By that time, they made it clear they would be able to do anything. They made it clear that although they may sound like comic strip villains, they were very, very serious.

    One thing perturbed the “interfered” only, and allowed genuine concern to show. That was the reasoning of that they conceded they believed they would have to rely on human goodwill and help in the future in order to recover, as they conceded they could not admit they would be sick for ever, and that this clashed with their stated fact that they were not able to “take” the actions of their “interferers” whom they did admit mostly were sick themselves. And it was stated that indeed, I could not even know if the latter apparent reasoning was true or not. Some said there wasn’t such logic in life and they would rely on this, and that I should too much more often. They said, “it’s not that serious, whatever the outcome”, “even if it be severely violent, even eternally – for you [laughing]”. (Ms. McNaught, repeated by others).

    It was repeated that indeed, I could not even know if the apparent explanatory reasoning as to the incitement of their behaviour was true or not.

    There was much fuss made of that they intended that interference and “subtle sickening” of the city and people would not end at the Queen’s Island designs, if accepted and built. Indeed it was stated in utmost seriousness that this would be only the beginning of intended “subtle terror” (not my words), this to become very unsublte, it was said. Some went on with strings of “very”s before violent making sure I was aware that they didn’t mean the opposite. Sometimes I got phone calls, on occasions from Ms. McNaught and others, which consituted only the speaking to me of a string of “very”s and the word “violent”, sometimes with the addition that that was hypnotism.

  • G.M.C.

    More comment of the real designers of the Queen’s Island plans.

    Ms. Mendelssohn at the time said that she would incorporate such plans as Mr. Fleming had suggested to her, some years before the T.V. programme I have mentioned, and said personally she would not limit herself to the harming of Belfast in her plans of harm, but that these personal endeavours should include the harming of Belfast wherever possible. She said “we’ll also do Scotland.” Mr. Fleming at the time told her to “F*** up the T.V.” Mr. Fleming confided to me that he didn’t mean the machine I have personally, as I thought initially, Ms. Mendelsshon being my guest for a while at first, but something much, much larger. He said putting his arm around me, that it was alright, and I wouldn’t be specifically aimed at for harm, in fact I would be fine. He changed this soon after, and then said he was changing it radically.

    Ms. Mendelssohn said that she would do as he said. I questioned here for a long time after this, wondering if she was fobbing off Mr Fleming who to me seemed in a frightening state, and threatening. But she both seemed to convince me that she would do as Mr. Fleming said, both at the time and after, and tried to have me collude with Mr. Fleming. Mr Fleming also said “…Tamsin, or we’ll get you.” She apologised a lot and said, “it has already happened”, and told me that there was “nothing I could do”. She also said she wasn’t sure to me if this was true, but to check with her afterwards. On many ocassions afterwards she said various things about this but I didn’t recall until quite recently ever what she was referring to.

    At the time, someone else of this group said they would “f*** up the radio”, and would also “f*** up” myself beyond recongnition, and others joined in. I have discovered none were joking in intention in their illness and I could not even at the time in full imagination of a long still period have begun to be aware of the severity of their intentions. There was “f*** up the shops”, and “f*** up the Lisburn Road especially”, as these people were aware there were design plans and intentions for development in retail, services and health provision expansion. Also, amongst other things, “get the Malone”, and “because we are jealous.” Other Northern Irish towns were mentioned, initially by Paul Campbell, but it was all or nearly all repeated by Mr. Fleming and the others from Great Britain. There was more said around this time. This was some years before the manslaughter mentioned before (or murder) and Ms. Tamsin Mendelssohn’s television programme.

    Although Donegal police have told me that they haven’t been able to proceed with any specific actions, due to lack of nearly any evidence, and due to my unclear of memory with regard to the full details of what happened, they have indicated that they understand that manslaughter would be an appropriate charge rather than murder. To my own understanding this is because the situation involved alcohol. Despite as I am aware, the intention doubtless being present in Mr. Fleming and Mr. Campbell from beforehand, it has been claimed by these persons that they were never serious, I have imagined things, and things happened which they didn’t intend to under alcohol fuelling and strange hypnotic behaviour by an old acquaintance whom visited. This has not yet been able to be disproven adequately to the Irish police.

    Despite this, I underwent for weeks before the occurrences the assurances from the two persons mentioned that they were serious about going to kill someone with a car. And that I “couldn’t stop” them, and also that it was to be, “couldn’t stop” etc.

  • G.M.C.

    I have recalled also that under threat from harm from a lethal weapon I was made to drive fast, after they had called on my friend, I though threatened, to stand in the middle of the road and not to move (or I would “get it”) and I was told to drive at speed towards this person .”Knock him down”. Mr. Fleming and Mr. Campbell made much of the fact that someone had already been knocked down, saying “now think of that”, and then sarcastically said “we’re joking”, before saying very clearly “we’re not joking”. The two men were shouting things at me with regard to my life as I was driving under paralysed compulsion. With help from someone else in the car, I was able to stop, I under paralysis moving so to do as they said, I believe just less than a foot from where my friend stood, and with very strong reliance on the brakes. I believe severe psychological harm would have very likely ocurred to any person standing where my friend was standing. There may be more that I can’t recall.

    Returning to consider the time before this night, their assurances as to what they planned to do became very convincing, after I had dismissed their claims for a while. And they stated that they wished me to be very aware that there was nothing they could do, and that “the law is an ass.” They said that, should I report the planning of a crime to the police, they would say that I was not able to discern hypothetical discussion in the clear absence of any real act, or that I was not able to see a joke.

    Further they told me that and even if they were to tell the police that there was someone they wanted to murder in a foreign land, they would then say, “Sargeant, I just don’t think I would have the courage to do it.” and make it plain that thought that wasn’t intention.” They said if need be though this would be a lie, and the only one they would give, at that time, they would say that police officers, and myself, were not being sympathetic to their cathartic utterances which they needed to speak to someone in order to get better. And this pair claimed, sometimes involving one of their friends whose position was not clear to me, they would assure police that they were to seek professional help. In fact something quite similar to this did then occur involving British police.

    It was put to me before the episode by those who instigated it that they wished to make a statement from actions that it was unfair that the legal doctrine of Transferred Malice existed in British law but not a few miles across the border on the same island in Irish law. (Transferred Malice describes in law in the U.K. the clear intention to harm a person where a criminal act follows, though when the identity of an actual real victim may not be initially the intended target.) These people said they could make the real vicitim anyone, after imagining a hypothetical victim and perhaps threatening this victim, and possibly also threatening anyone whom they had informed of this notion. I was threatened.

    I have just remembered that Mr. Campbell described prior to the events in Donegal that, with respect to the rest of the intentions, the anti-social behaviour course these people had described to me, the “killing” in Donegal was to be a symbol for me, so that I would “be aware as to the seriousness of [their] intentions.” To me he said, “And we’ll kill you.” He said, also, acting in a fashion “not you.”

    Another person sersiously involved in the plans and intended social destruction, and one of the most anarchistic and destructive was Ms. Joanne Towler of Pudsey near Leeds, an arts administrator and musician.

    I dislike the suggested use of bad language on this page as I have had to include. Where the word represented by the characters “f***” has been used, I can say that it with respect to my experience after its use by those mentioned is a negative expression, meaning mess up, assault or assault with attempt to destroy. (Apologies are given also for some terrible typing mistakes, which make reading what I’ve published after the news item quite difficult sometimes.)

    Much of what I have written in my replies I have posted before on this website, as my memory returned in various incarnations, in previous times, only to lapse again. Please, those interested in the architecture side, and as normal, the city, do reply.

    It is assumed that little sympathy for those whom have been behind the plans in the guise specifically of support to build large new city centres areas would be forthcoming from the people of Belfast and Northern Ireland. So, please, please, putting this aside, could replies continue?

  • G.M.C.

    Over two more replies, to finish the description of the area planners and their pursuit with illumination of the apparent development or instigation of the destructive behaviour in the “associates” of the renowned and uninvolved architect.

    I have just recalled the circumstances amidst how much of this started involving the “interfered” associates, upset by the actions of Mr. Michael Dougan among others, in their lives, though principally Michael Dougan, also Kevin Donnelly of Crumlin, and help employed by persons of similar persuasion, one named Damien Kennedy of Belfast.

    All, including myself, expressed that in a real sense, Mr. Dougan kept interfering with other people’s lives back then, and used the help of those two persons mentioned in doing so. All three said they knew it was about “heaven and hell” and “extreme eternal pain” when questioned, and “not some play-acting thing”. “We’re not like that, you should know by now.” (Kevin Donnelly, then echoed by the others.)

    Mr. Dougan was often found entering where not invited, saying “I’m going to screw it up”, if hearing, in the real world, of any plans whatsoever had by any of those mentioned as visitors or associates, and mostly had by myself. Sometimes he would not say this, but would involve himself after hearing of plans in the efforts of trying to prevent endeavours happenning or substantially ruin these. He was about sixteen years old at this time. We had all, everyone mentioned and others, experienced this action from Mr. Dougan a lot before, and from Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Donnelly before, since we each had been infants, which was when we each were first acquainted.

    Mr. Dougan had often gone to areas of the city and made commotions when people met important representatives of companies, or friends or relatives.

    I experienced him visiting private meetings and other events in order to “ruin” these for me and for “all of the people.”, as he said. He was often quite effective and also sometimes very effective. Many plans had to be shelved. I found that I developed a kind of shock syndrome of not assuming myself present when he did this, and then I could not form speech for the persons whom I was meeting, mostly company representatives to do with contracts.

    We sought police advice, and were told, as we had guessed, that unless there was the threat of assault, nothing really could be done in the circumstances. Mr. Dougan then told us, upon learning of this news, he would include assault in his course of destructive actions, but only for a short time. This he did, and he assaulted me on a number of his tirades in public. I told the police, and as I thought appropriate also, they gave him a warning, as he assured them he would seek help, this being what he needed.

    We appealed to a mental health representative to speak to Mr. Dougan, in fact a number, and Mr. Dougan at the same time as he reported he had finished his campagin which included assaults, told the doctor that he had been foolish and was crying for help and needed help from a doctor. There were not any serious assaults to me, though Ms. McNaught complained of something which really hurt. Rather for me, for example if overhearing that I was to go to a concert to learn about recordings, Mr. Dougan appeared and hit me noticeably though not sorely on the stomach as I ignored him, and tried to involve himself in the meetings afterwards. “We’ll get you after”, he used to say, “…if we haven’t got you before.” I asked him if he meant we in a royal sense and he replied, “not only that, but it’s anyone with me.”

  • G.M.C.

    Final reply post describing the troubling rise to my own attention of the sickness of the “associate” architects, truly the real and sole architects.

    After some time, the visitors, the “associates” spoke out that they looked up to me. Whether it was expressed truly or not, it was said, when finding I was a ghost-writer and so someone not fully genuine, Ms. McNaught ventured to others’ acceptance, they were so dispirited in the circumstances that they “could only do evil.”

    Michael Dougan’s actually prompted this from Ms. McNaught, after I told him that this was how some people felt in order in a way to illuminate the real situation, as I had been asked to do, and perhaps plea and perhaps appeal to a part of him that was developing in seeing a doctor, as restrained. Ms. McNaught told me this was how she felt that “she could only do evil”, and on the one had suggested we tell this to Mr. Dougan in the attempt at clarity and openness, and on teh other was perturbed at having to relate this to him, the “demon” whom also appeared “in [her] head.”

    On learning of this, Mr. Dougan went to prompt this information from Ms. McNaught when she was with company. He said, “I am the devil and you will tell me what I told you remotely.” Ms. McNaught replied apparently very upset, “I could only do evil.” She continued to talk like this after Mr. Dougan had left.Mr. Dougan let me know that he could tell people things remotely.

    Many of the visiting persons, soon all, seemed to give the impression of in some way ceasing to fight against what, it was said, was Mr. Dougan in reality and in their heads, and accepted him “as master.” Later it was said, by most of the visitors, no we’re jealous of, and then a list of things including “your wisdom.”

    Ms. McNaught began to describe Mr. Dougan as her friend, and said that she felt that when he turned up shen she was meeting friends or relatives in public places, including in parts of a hotel, she was glad he was there and that’s what he could do. Later Ms. McNaught said that “if I beleived that I would believe anything. But she said then immediately, I should not be so stupid, and that of course we had to treat Mr. Dougan as human, and that he needed love.

    Some of these people concerned had been putting into practice the acting of what Mr. Dougan requested of them, either in person or in dreams or daydreams, as many of those named claimed they experienced, and as I experienced personally around this time. I thought at this time that I in my mind had been spending years and years side-stepping a mental hauling or possession from Mr. Dougan. The other people said that they weren’t as strong or most likely lucky as I was, and that he quite simply often just “took them” when not present. It was Mr. Dougan’s want to give orders to these people who were visiting his school amongst otherwise healthy school-swapping visits, including a good deal of normal teaching and inclusion.

    Many of these people claimed that Michael Dougan’s unseen presence, and for example, commands, didn’t go away when they left that school, and even when they left Northern Ireland and went to their own schools (this was around fifteen years ago, and around the time the Queen’s Island plans shown on the website with a link here were developed). Some also said that they thought he could command many people in many places, whether or not they had met him.

    Personally, having then experienced this, though having recovered with help from doctors, I didn’t know what to do. I said I would never accept Mr. Dougan, or “rule” by him, or indeed by anyone in such a manner.

    Ms. Widdowson, and then others expressed, “You’ll be the odd one out. We’re all with him.”, and, “Everyone will be with him.. Michael Dougan.” I couldn’t respond. The visitors left. When I met them at times after this, often it was denied that any of this happened, or the answer that “That’s all over, we’ve been to see doctors”, was given. I believed this but thought it odd that individually each person would say, “we’ve been to see doctors, all of us”, these words exactly. Sometimes they would say, in addition, things like “It’s not good.”, or, “I’m guessing and it’s getting better.” Nearly always they seemed to me both very happy and as unconcerned with the kind of thing we experienced, though not wholly unaffected by the experience. Sometimes, some said, including Ms. McNaught, Mr. Aidan Burke and Ms. Widdowson both that I had imagined things and that my memory was playing tricks with me. “You poor boy. Your poor memory. It must be terrible”, was untruly or unknowingly spoken or spoken as of a disability.

    I can’t fit all of the finishing part of nearly all that I feel I really ought to say onto this reply. This follows.

  • G.M.C.

    Finishing part of comment about plans designers.

    Going back, it was just before the declaration that these persons were to “go with” Mr. Dougan that they let me know they wanted to harm me and why: because of my ghost-writing.

    Ms. McNaught questioned others, they telling me “we’re speaking truly of angels and demons and god [or “the ruler”] and the devil.” They reffered to me, asking, “What if they don’t ‘put him down’ …the angels and the humans?”. They said they meant to “punish” me for “ghost-writing.” All were affirmative as to what would happen “They will ‘put him down.'” Some said “there is no doubt”, and similar statements. Others said they would make sure of it in a way I wouldn’t, and couldn’t believe. It was said, that was beyond me, being “too advanced”. Then, “It’s the devil.” “We have to listen to the devil.” (Ms. McNaught and others).

  • G.M.C.

    I ought to include the information which follows in what has become a series of story essays.
    The remaining informtion is very important, not least of all for those whom I have mentioned up to now.

    Looking at the outline map on the Titanic quarter website again, I remember that very, very quickly those described, firslty, Mr. McKay, in less than a minute, drew a couple of rings and boxes, those which can be seen on the outline, and said they would just fill them up with whatever was in their portfolio of general architecture designs. They put in the whole portfolio, and it is what you see now on the Titanic Quarter website.

    The portfolio consisted of the large distinct building from the circus area shown in the diagrams, which had become Ms. McNaught’s particular project, the circus buildings and the simple buildings bordering square greens and the coloured illustration with the courtyard pond. The latter was a “donation” by an old acquaintance of mine, a plan he liked as did I, which I believe was originally intended for development in Portugal.

    The other buildings were the very first suggestions considered amongst our collective discussions as to what an architect designs. I suggested we start at classical shapes and for this I suggested buildings around a circus plan and then I suggested a sqaure green and the suggestion was forthcoming of rectangular buildings around this. The initial drawings came very soon after this suggestion, within a matter of minutes, and they are more or less what you see in the final plans, with the further suggestion of differing heights of buildings. I thinking that this was a good start for a basic glance into an education of the fundamentals of architecture, was more than bemused when Mr. McKay said, “That’s it, We’ve got it.” and those off the cuff interested thoughts were taken to produce something a diagram or two short of final blueprints.

    I have just remembered also that all of those persons concerned have RECENTLY admitted that they were not serious and don’t wish to be serious.

    To me they conceded the wish to have something new designed by the renowned architect preferably, though also expressed by Ms. Widdowson that she doesn’t know, for Queen’s Island. I then asked each one helped by my friend and my personal associate, Ben Fairgrieve, if they would be willing to separately concede alone that they do not wish the plans shown on the website linked here to go ahead. They each responded positively. I was not sure if any could comprehend the question, they seemed disabled, though soon enough, Mr. Fairgrieve helped and I understood that this was their wish.

    This was my advice at the time when the currently visible plans were made. She has asked me to pay if required. I would be glad to if required.

    During the harrowing events for me at the time at which the plans were drawn up, I thought the best thing I could do was to offer to pay for the renowned architect personally to produce his plans. Scorn was poured upon this suggestion for a number of reasons by those mentioned above.

    I have communicated this to people at Belfast City Council. I believe from what they have told me that they believe it a good idea, once events are cleared up, for the architect named to design the area.

    I don’t know what happened on a visit to the architect but I remember now that the original plan was to receive designs from or discuss these with the architect. The architect had told me as a boy that he would design plans for me for where I come from. This was the subject of the meeting, then. Though I had forgotten not just most of my childhood, also meetings with this architect organised by some of those persons mentioned within these replies, mostly Ms. Widdowson though also Ms. McNaught. In the months before I had gone to visit this man at his firm to see what the work of an architect entailed, at which time Ms. Widdowson told me of our relationship when I was young and I and this architect befriended each other once again, as I remembered my boyhood as I had not done before.

    It was during this time that we were both considering the idea of helping Mr. Dougan who wouldn’t leave us alone, rather than running from him all of the time, and I became aware that Ms. Widdowson and Ms. McNaught were gradually submitting to him more.

    At this time, Ms. Hirschmann was interfering with everyone concerned, in the way of suggesting to many people that the best policy would be to help Mr. Dougan. Ms. Hirschmann was so malevolently ill I am only recently realising something of the nature and depth of her interference. Her actions were found to harm everyone. I did not realise this at the time, not knowing her and thinking her to be rather eccentric and full of energy.

  • G.M.C.

    Continued: I ought to include the information which follows in what has become a series of story essays.
    The remaining information is very important, not least of all for those whom I have mentioned up to now.

    Unfortunately, the pressure was so much upon Ms. Widdowson and others that they fell ill as, for short times and suddenly did I, and in turn illness befell the the architect, and I could no longer talk to him properly.

    Lately, Ms. Widdowson said about her own state that she was sensible, and did not wish to pursue the publicised Titanic quarter project. Ms. Widdowson said that it was difficult for her to say this, and that I must strongly use my own common sense, even should she or her associates “slip down” and be unable to state such things. She asked me to publicise this and to pray for her.

    I was very, very heartened by her mostly. She seemed very, very concerned. There were other people around her at the time, whose names I have mentioned here, whom were less freqently as enlightened as Ms. Widdowson, and some lapsing from understanding into assaultive states again. Ms. Widdowson said that she found it very difficult to cope with this and asked me to help her. She also asked me, as she sometimes used to, to be aware of this situation generally in how I could help, as my friend Ben had been doing with me though I was mostly unable to understand.

    Ms. Widdowson was very helpful indeed. She said that too much was wrong in the world for people who can help to rest on laurels, and that improvements in what we are used to will help human life greatly. I am unsure if Ms. Widdowson exerted herself so much in the effort of making that communication that she feared of the relationship of her consiousness with clear vision in the future. I replied I hoped it would be alright.

    She mentioned that Mr. Dougan had declared recently that he wanted to be good and that I should remember this, though he had said that he for some time had believed he had made too many of what might be called mistakes for this to actually happen. He said he had been constantly evil for very long, and that it was clearly possible he would stay in a manner which was so evil it could not be described. To me also he warned he might be pretending, and either he was like that or he would be like that, if improved!

    I met her and others at a spiritual healing centre quite a few months ago. I had forgotten, as with a lot of my identity, for a number of months, though such very substantial, sometimes near total identity affecting memory loss I am becoming used to.

    I experienced extreme fright at this centre, and misunderstanding, and very disturbing thoughts about two friends from childhood which meant I had to recover and rest for a good while.

    All of the persons I have mentioned have been visiting this centre in England at times, where spiritual healing is given without cost where only donations at will are given.

  • G.M.C.

    It wasn’t clear to me at first what the post by poster identity Mark meant in post number 12, by resentment and hostility by proximity to the Markets and Sandy Row. I see now that he meant that new hardly thought out developments would detract in a number of ways from neighbourhoods close by which have build of over years and have a longstanding character and identity. It does seem when new city plans appear and they look look reams of high, grey warehouses, that one almost at once expects a precious part of the character of the city to disappear in coming years.

    I think he may also be referring also to the genuineness in people and tradition of these
    old areas, and with respect to the lack of sincerity of these specific designs as I have highlighted, or simply the climate of a new area. In such a new area where more well off persons would be expected to roll in in the very creation of new areas, it may be that these new residents, by virtue of only finding themselves in this position, may discover themselves in a world. A new world detatched from respect and identity where there is none of this already for them which is positive, and where this is oppositional to their neighbours in older places close by. As new residents in sincerity would strive to build an identity in their new world, this may build up in further detraction to the ares in proximity, and creating disjoinedness in the city.

  • G.M.C.

    With reference to reply 5. by “friendly fire”,
    I have remembered it was my job to tell people, I was let know, that the “associates'” ultimate target on a remaining earth was World War Three, described as “for one thing, nuclear missiles on Queen’s Island”, “and elsewhere”, and “all others of the worst forms of destruction available” by the time they were “ready”. This was when I relaxed, thinking these people were sensitive to irony in life after all, but I was wrong, they were very serious.

    All of these people said I should warn about nuclear war in the first half of this century, or not long after this time. They said, back in 1990 to 92 that they were concerned with bringing down the twin towers, the World Trade Centre buildings in New York first, a symbolic gesture with regard to what could be expected. They went on for ages how serious they were. And I was so degraded and actually mentally affected, or given vision that I believed them, I then of great, perhaps everlasting judgement reservation and perhaps infinite purveyor of unknowingness.

    With regard to this course, and I was told there was to be a long list of atrocities, “such that would not be believed”, “…escalating in scale from the years of the early twenty hundreds”. They said that they were starting with the architect, and if they could “get him”, they would, probably, “be able …to get anyone”, their ambit easily increasing “in vast amounts” each time they “performed an event which would screw up the world.”

    They told me to watch out for the World Trade centre destruction and that it would involve destruction by airplanes, “your favourite at the moment”?!, following a sudden and direct question to me to whether or not I like airplanes. It would take place I was told seriously by interference of some Asian people from “the Ghanis”, and would involve the killing of hostages and many other people. This event “is hardly on the scale of destruction planned”, I was told. I was told that this “scale” would be beyond earthly in two ways.

    I was told that the planned destruction “could be stopped, probably, by normal action of normal life also with heightened awareness, probably, to” the threat and reality.

    I was told that even should those concerned “get better in a good way”, such that this would not happen, they should not be trusted. I was advised that I should tell people that even if the , as my personal good sense would be aware of also. I was told that “people should not f*** things up at the merest hint of or after the first indications of or the first event or first events of disappointing or unexpected or harmfully negative occurences from normal life, of whatever scale.” I was told that to go “down the route of screwing things up if mildly dissatisfied or upset” would almost certainly, and often certainly “lead to disastrous conequences .. which won’t be able to be prevented.” They said, “perhaps they can’t help it, the people who do this”, but expressed in the early 1990’s that they themselves certainly couldn’t help “extreme destructive behaviour” as a result of the harmful behaviour they found.

    I was told I could believe this, or disbelieve it, but that it was true and very serious.

    Since this time, Ms. Porter has advised me that things have changed for the better, and they are trying to control things as best they can. I have remembered that I was told I wasn’t to post before the capture of Sadddam Hussein. Ms. Porter has said “things are looking up”, but “there is a hell of a long way to go.” Ms. Porter asked me to ask Jude Widdowson how things were. This was at the Spiritual Healing centre in Surrey during the rendez-vous which I mentioned. Ms. Widdowsons replied that she agreed with Ms. Porter. Both said that enlightened vision which is related to the advice I have posted which they gave in the aearly nineties applied very much always, and at least as much now and in the future.

    I have never disagreed with this advice.

    Both persons and others at this time said, some saying “in the long run” as they were at that time “still evil to some extent”, “they prised the individual in enlightened society”, “…and a world which accepts the individual and the enlightened”, “… and furthers the cause of individualness in humans”. They both thought that this was one of my personal favoured principles of Modernism, asking again. “Get that ‘post'”, was the reply to my agreement, and then “…and there is no Utilitarianism. Make them know… the lecturers especially. … not make them, you know.”, from Ms. Porter, repeated by Ms. Widdowson on learning after asking of what Ms. Porter said.