Did McNarry apply to Chair the Parades Commission..?

ORANGEMAN David McNarry – who wants the Parades Commission abolished – went ballistic and stormed out of a BBC studio last Sunday when it was suggested that he had previously applied to be a member (not Chair, as I indicated in the first post). Since then, however, Mr McNarry has NOT denied that he applied for the position of Chair of the Parades Commission. So did the Parades Commission’s arch-critic once want the top job in the quango, or not? The facts are that he left the studio before he could answer and he has only denied applying to be a member in the meantime. I think we should be told…All McNarry has said so far was in a brief story carried (offline) by the Belfast Telegraph:

UUP man storms out of BBC

By Kathryn Torney

THE UUP’s David McNarry said last night he does not regret walking out of a radio show yesterday.

Mr McNarry stormed out of Radio Ulster’s Seven Days politics programme following comments made by Rev Brian Kennaway during a discussion about the Parades Commission.

The Rev Kennaway had referred to a newspaper article which alleged that Mr McNarry had applied to be a member of the commission.

Speaking afterwards, Mr McNarry said he had been very annoyed by the claims, which he described as “absolutely not true”.

  • Well knock me down with a feather duster – a Trimbleite who didn’t get a Quango job. Thank God we’ve still got whingeing wimmin with Phds from bad universities and old Labour flacks from the mainland – I’m not sure how public service in Norn Iron would be taken care of otherwise.

  • Padraig

    Ho! Ho! Money talksssssssssssss

  • Butterknife

    Well Berry sued so i am sure he can too.

  • babing

    methinks the lady doth protest too much

  • Northern FF

    Surely some of those NIO types out there could confirm or deny??

  • From Brian Kennaway’s letter to the Telegraph tonight:

    I would like to make clear that David NcNarry walked out of the BBC’s Seven Days programme after I asked him to clarify the Sunday Times report of January 30, 2000, which claimed that he had applied for and was interviewed for the post of Chairman of the Parades Commission.

    Neither then nor since has Mr McNarry denied such a claim. The Belfast Telegraph report points out that he denied that he applied for membership of the commission – not for the post of Chairman which is a separate appointment.

  • yerman

    Would a Freedom of Information request reveal all the applicants for the various positions within the Parades Commission at that particular time?????

  • Gonzo

    I doubt it. But the fact that McNarry hasn’t denied it…