Sinn Fein and PSNI unite on justice issue…?!

THE Secretary of State has finally succeeded in uniting the police and Sinn Fein on a single issue – opposition to his amnesty for members of the security forces suspected of terrorist acts or co-operation with loyalist paramilitaries during the Troubles. Gerry Adams believes those police and soldiers guilty of state killings or collusion… must be held to account, while the Superintendents’ Association of Northern Ireland opposes “equivalence” between “terrorist suspects who have fled justice” and “serving/former police officers, or members of Her Majesty’s armed forces”. Adams, of course, doesn’t think that IRA members on the run from justice should face justice for their past actions – just police, soldiers and loyalists. Anyone but republicans, obviously, who cannot commit crimes, but can’t expect justice from an unfair State even if they somehow get accused of one…

Yet by asking for others to be held to a higher standard of justice than IRA members, is Adams not contributing to the ‘hierarchy of victims’ he is supposedly opposed to? The outcome of different legal approaches towards the perpetrators of violence will result in different outcomes for Troubles victims. SF wants to see the State held publicly accountable, but no justice for victims of IRA violence, thanks very much.

SF’s opposition to an amnesty for the security forces appears as self-serving as the Government that proposed it. Ironically, it could be that the PSNI and Chief Superintendent Stephen Grange’s report will achieve more justice for the victims of illegal State violence than the Government or even Sinn Fein – which has been undoubtedly aware of the Government’s ‘amnesty-for-all’ proposals for years.

Adams recently said: “The scheme that we negotiated was published by the two governments at Weston Park in 2003 and related only to OTRs. It did not include members of British state forces.”

But it certainly didn’t exclude them, which means a usually very ‘savvy’ Sinn Fein is either lying or incompetent.

The police superintendents’ report is due to be published today – it will be interesting to see how, or even if, Sinn Fein reacts.

  • fedupwithshinners

    Ha, this just exposes to complete hypocracy of adams and co. Its one rule for their lot and quite a different one for others.

    Both lots of OTRs ought to be subject to the law, its one law for everyone in most democracies, not such a crazy notion.

  • heck

    Before your bloggers engage in an orgy of wild conspiracy theories about Gerry Adams and Tony Blair plotting to get both their gunmen off the hook and using it a a club for shinner bashing can we at least agree that all sides in the conflict British /ira/loyalist be held to the same standard?

    All I want to see is the British government come clean as to the level of collusion than took place and to admit that its security forces ran death squads in Northern Ireland. The British government, media and people have refused to do this. I can not be the only one who got really angry listening to Jack Straw lecturing the Syrians at the UN to come clean about their activities in Lebanon. The nauseating self righteousness of this and his assumption that he could cover up killings but berate some third world leader for doing the same was arrogant and racist. As I said before on this site New Labour makes the Syrian Bath Party look good.

    The IRA is coming clean about their activities and have owned up to crimes that they have denied in the past and apologized for some operations (bloody Friday.) The British Government has never admitted that they systematically ran loyalist death squads although by this action (and their inquiries bill before the election) they clearly know they did.

    I don’t want to see British agents in jail (well I do but I know it won’t happen). What I want is political accountability. I want the politicians to admit what they did and accept responsibility. And I would like all to recognize the hypocrisy and racism of people like Jack Straw and the whole New Labour cabal.

  • Shore Road Resident

    …and you’d want Adams & the rest of the IRA army council held ‘politically accountible’ for their actions?
    What does ‘political accountibility’ mean anyway if it doesn’t mean consequences for actions?

    Do you believe that Adams should be held ‘politially accountible’ for Bloody Friday?

  • heck

    we all know what the IRA did and the electorate can hold adams “politically acountable” at election time. As they can with politicans associated with the UVF.

    If the British public are forced to confront what their government did vis a vis collusion and loyalist death squads then they can hold their governments accountable at election time.

    At the minute they thing they are a cleaner than clean master race who can lecture the wogs “to cooperate” with UN investigations into their intelligence services’ collusion with terrorism.

    They british media pretend that british shit doesn’t stink like everyone elses.

  • The Realist

    And isn`t it no wonder this site is starting to die on its feet with all this continuous stream of anti-Nationalism and a patethic anti-SF campaign by illerate loyalists and out of touch sdlp supporters.

    Why not rename the site, the love Ulster and lackies site.

    Strange the Nationalist electorate are not fooled by all this drivel.

  • Sorry ‘Realist’- forgive us all for not subscribing to Spin Féin propaganda detritus.

    You are the one who has attacked people for having a different point of view from your own, be it ‘illiterate loyalists’ or ‘out of touch SDLP supporters’, so I would suggest that if anything, it is people like yourself who drag down this site.

    As far as I can see, SF is amply represented in terms of support on this site, and the whole raison d’etre of Slugger is to debate and challenge modes of thinking. I don’t think you quite grasp the concept of the democratic right to hold different political opinions.

    As regards the opinions of the nationalist electorate, on whose behalf you purport to speak, we shall see how the next elections go…

  • BTW, how ironic that you refer to (and I quote) “illerate loyalists”. I think it is you who is verbally challenged. Go and buy yourself a dictionary (and preferably a book on Irish history to educate yourself).

  • Oakleaf

    As regards the opinions of the nationalist electorate, on whose behalf you purport to speak, we shall see how the next elections go…

    How many times do you want the SDLP beat before you recognise the democratic will of the nationalist electorate in the North. Fact in the last 6 elections Sinn Fein have gained more votes than the SDLP. It may be hard for you to take buts its the truth. Maybe another election and you could claim another victory for standing still while SF march on.

  • Shore Road Resident

    Wow – the Shinners are really rattled by their OTR screw-up, aren’t they?

    And to think these people imagine they could govern Ireland!

  • Oakleaf:

    “How many times do you want the SDLP beat before you recognise the democratic will of the nationalist electorate in the North”

    For three decades, one could have said: “How many times do you want Sinn Féin beat before you recognise the democratic will of the nationalist electorate in the North.”

    The provos bombed the place to pieces with NO democratic mandate- the nationalist electorate wanted peace, but the IRA ignored them. Hence the fact that practically nobody voted SF.

    By what you say, it would indicate that nationalists who vote SDLP don’t count. After its worst election, the SDLP still had 3/4 of the seats SF had in the Assembly. The SDLP still has a massive mandate- it thrashed SF in three constituencies- it won’t be bullied into silence simply because SF happens to be bigger at the minute.

    Most plugged-in provos gave up the ‘SDLP is finished’ crap after the May elections- clearly you’ve been left out of the loop.

  • Oakleaf

    Without doubt Sinn Fein will be in government. In the first instance north and south but in the not too distance future Sinn Fein will be in government in a united Ireland.

  • Oakleaf,

    Newsflash! Spin Féin were in government in the north by 1998. Clearly they aren’t teaching you very well at the Plastic Paddy School of Politics.

    Your prophecy that SF will be in government, in the first instance in the north, would be great… if it wasn’t seven years out of date.

  • Oakleaf

    El matador it seems to be yourself who is out of the loop it was your desire for another election who started this. Not for one minute was I diminishing the mandate of the SDLP but only pointing out, when you get more votes its accepted that you become the largest party thus represent the majority view.

    A massive mandate i don’t think so….stop deluding yourself

  • Terry Doherty

    El Mat, given the early release of prisoners and the fact that there is an outstanding issue concerning both republican otrs and the state forces, who have hardly been investigated never mind otr over the past 30 years, how do you propose we deal with this issue?

    Should their be investigations? If so who should conduct them? Should their be prosecutions and if so who should prosecute? Should people spend time in jail?

    As someone who had a relative shot dead by the British Army, an event into which there wasn’t even an RUC investigation, I am personally interested in your response.

  • Oakleaf

    El matadaor will the SDLP ever be in government in a united Ireland

  • Shore Road Resident

    “Without doubt Sinn Fein will be in government. In the first instance north and south but in the not too distance future Sinn Fein will be in government in a united Ireland.”

    You have to wonder if Shinner supporters really believe this. It’s more likely that SF in power north and south will copper-fasten partition, because it’ll scare the crap out of unionists and southeners alike.

    Unionists simply won’t agree to any arrangement that might see SF rule over them. So what then? Come 2016 and no united Ireland, will the Shinner drones just fade away?

  • topdeckomnibus

    In 1987 21 members of the Territorial Army were arrested in England under the Unlawful Drilling Act 1819 which makes it an offence to conduct military training or deployment without Secretary of State of Crown sanction.

    These are the arrests featured (see web) in the foreword and synopsis to the book “Who Pays the Ferryman” Pat Monteath Quill Publishing.

    Kent Police in 1987 gave a press release that they felt the Army had undermined their wish to bring charges (Invicta Radio Kent 1987)

    No charges were brought in spite of lurid tales of the possession and storage of semtex, being conned into believing they had sworn in as honorary mebers of UDR and conducting missions into Ireland ….

    Gen De Chasterlain did clarify his terms of reference and concluded that he was precluded from investigating the men and their arms (the question being whether they had been acquired via Kent Police issued firearms certs)

    IF the men were acting (as the arrests imply) without lawful command then how can they enjoy the security force exemption from the Decommissioning arrangements.

    Are we saying that because they were in the TA they could mug an old lady ?

    There is worry in some circles here in England too.

    But at least De Chasterlain chose to report his concerns to the NI Secretary.

  • The Thinker

    Shore road resident you realy are an illerate, inane purile ignorant bigot. Please get some intelligence before you try and post.

    All you do is highlight your complete ignorance.

    Stick to subjects close to your own heart. Uvf/Uda murdering drug dealers and stop copying your thoughts from the Love Ulster site.