File under ‘Tail wags dog’

I was wondering what Jonathan Powell, Tony Blair’s Chief of Staff, had been up to. According to the BBC’s Mark Devenport, Powell had a cunnning plan – the creation of a panel, consisting of Ulster Unionist Party chairman, David Campbell, the Church of Ireland bishop, Alan Harper, and the Northern Ireland Office’s former Security Director, John Steele, to “assist loyalist paramilitaries to move forward”. This particular cunning plan has, however, been scuppered.. seemingly because the paramilitaries prefer to concentrate on their own internal consultations. *shakes head*

  • Comrade Stalin

    Every single time there is some sort of dirty background deal going on with loyalist paramilitaries, David McNarry is always in the middle of it. Don’t you think he would figure out eventually that the whole thing is a waste of time ? Or maybe he wants to be the next John Hume ..

  • Concerned Loyalist

    The Loyalist organisations have the right people in their own membership to take the UDA, UVF/Red Hand Commando down the political path and into mainstream democratic politics. They don’t need interference from the same (New?) Labour Party who, amongst a catalogue of questionable decisions, appointed the “greenest” Northern Ireland Secretary in my living memory, and who are forcing the OTR issue against the wishes of the majority of people in Northern Ireland.