Sinn Féin try legal route [again] against IMC

Via UTV, the Press Association report that Sinn Féin’s Conor Murphy has confirmed that “papers had been lodged in the High Court in London accusing the four-member Independent Monitoring Commission of bias and calling for its reports to date to be declared null and void.” It’s not the first legal action that Sinn Féin have taken against the IMC.. that one was dismissed in the High Court in Belfast. It’s another interesting development ahead of January’s Independent Monitoring Commission report.. do Sinn Féin expect that report to be more critical of them than the governments had hoped?

  • Visioneer

    The IMC must be so irrelevant that they have to proceed with such action.

    This will be thrown out again. However if it isn’t it does show just how far the Government is willing to go with establishing such quangoes and introducing such legislation – as the OTR’s neglecting all the bones of justice which have been so important in the defence of the liberties of all Northern Ireland’s people.

    But all in all what case does IRA/Sinn Fein have with regards to this?