someone’s not happy..

Simon Jenkins clearly struck a nerve with his “blathering Secretary of State for Wales and Northern Ireland” line in the Guardian, which I noted previously. So much so that said blathering Secretary of State took time out of his busy schedule to respond in the Letters page today, and accuses Simon Jenkins of ranting.. he also invokes “The cause of peace” rather than submit to the moral scrutiny that Jenkins suggested was necessary.

  • M

    “In the cause of peace, our government has to take difficult decisions. Jenkins does not, for which he – and many others besides – should be eternally grateful.”

    In the cause of the government’s desire to buy off the Provos, those of us who live in Northern Ireland have to deal with the consequneces of their decisions (terrorists getting away scot free with murder). Hain does not, for which he should be eternally grateful.

  • Frustrated Democrat

    Northern Ireland has always had a 2nd class democracy firstly up to the 1970’s and then since then under direct rule.

    We seem to always have to accept this – ‘don’t do as we do, do as we say’ mentality coming out of Westminister.

    The standard of democracy up to the 1970’s is no excuse for what has followed since particularly under this Labour government in the shape of Peter Hain.

    The sooner he and the labour party return to opposition the better.