Remembering Best…

NORTHERN Ireland has been trying to figure out how best to remember east Belfast footballing legend George Best. Some suggestions I’ve read so far have included renaming the City Airport after him, naming the forthcoming Maze stadium after him, erecting a statue at Belfast City Hall (though Old Trafford has also been mentioned), a George Best youth football school or scholarship, a tribute game (an all-Ireland team vs Man Utd has been mentioned!), an exhibition centre, a street or road named after him… the list goes on. What do you think? The Tele wants to know too, and is hosting an online poll here, while the News Letter’s poll on the airport renaming is here.

  • Alan

    We should re-name the Airport, although that would be rather cheap and we’d probably continue to refer to it as the City airport anyway, so we should also determine to build the stadium and name it for him. It could have a permanent display showing the available footage of his matches.

    One thought though, who actually owns the City airport and do they have the ultimate decision?

  • crow

    They should name an alcoholic drink after him or a ward at a hospital that does liver transplants.They seem the most approriate.

  • I think the tribute game would be a nice idea. Our two teams united (temporarily) in honour of George.

  • Reader

    If there is to be a monument, shouldn’t it be at the Castlereagh council offices – not Belfast?
    Or if the work on the super councils goes ahead faster than the work on the monument, it should go at the new Down Council offices

  • Dinger

    There should be a national campaign to remove the statue of Carson and replace it with one of Geordie with ball at feet beckoning defenders to take him on…reckon that says more to Norn Irish folk about their cultural identity than that dour, Oscar Wilde-tormenting oul’ ****er ever could.

    I know many are probably thinking the reaction to Geordie’s death is way O.T.T. but I was thinking how different all our lives would be if he’d never been born and feel his influence is huge when it comes to how we feel about ourselves in Belfast and the rest of Ulster. In the context of our recent history, can you imagine being N. Irish without the uplifting, heart-warming image of George in his late 60’s prime in an Irish jersey?? Our greatest cultural icon, bar none.

  • Bemused


    a couple of years back castlereagh council were giving some thought to a name for a new fottball pitch in the cregagh estate. After due consideration the name of George Best was rejected in favour of John Norris.

    John who I hear you ask. Cllr. Norris is an experienced and well travelled Councillor in Castlereagh!

    As for a fitting monument to George, naming the national stadium after him would be appropriate.

  • Because it would probably descend into a grubby political squabble, the idea of an all Ireland team taking on Utd in an exhibition match would be a non-starter.

    Instead, how about a “Team of The Isles”, made up of players born in the UK and the ROI?
    Tony Adams (or Gazza) would be a suitable manager, with all proceeds going to an appropriate charity which deals with alcohol abuse.

  • What about changing Slugger O’Toole to Geordie Best Notes on Northern Ireland Politics and Culture? 🙂

  • bigwhitedove

    I truly believe that George Best memorial should be a treatment centre for recovering addicts in the north of Ireland,
    George was a good, generous, witty man whose abundance of talent on the football pitch was ruined by his addictions.
    He is is not, and will never be a person who I would want my children to idolise or aspire to be.
    His fame and fortune bought him a second chance some years ago, a second chance not available to most, and he threw it away.
    Honour his excellence on the pitch, but remember the selfish, self debasing side of his character and the negative influence this could have on others.
    He was not a “national hero” rather a footballing genius for a few years who could not come to terms with his alcoholism.

  • Gonzo

    I don’t think naming a football pitch in Castlereagh would be a good idea. The Council there has a tendency to sell off its assets to developers. There’s a reasonabler chance that C’Reagh will be amalgamated into a Greater Belfast council in the local govt shake-up, so I think the Council premises there should be ignored too.

    #You’re just a snall part of Belfast, small part of Bel-fast!#