On dear, Archer’s back

And the (former?) Baron is about welcome as flies at a picnic in the Tory party, from which he was expelled in 2000, and has reportedly rejoined.

  • CS Parnell

    Just the boost David Cameron needs at the start of his leadership. hehehehe

    Tory scum. Always were. Always will be.

  • Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear!

    I can’t imagine he’ll be a popular guest at the Party!

  • bertie,
    then you don’t know the tories!
    I’m afraid there’ll be a lot of ” oh geoffrey, how marvellous to see you , welcome back dear boy, how’s your new book ” etc and other vomit-inducing platitudes.
    These people are filthy rich and live in a fantasy world; with him back its a cert they’ll lose the next election. I’m delighted therefore.
    Tory own goal.

  • Does anyone know what the rules are about him getting his title back.

    You’ve got to admit he’s got some neck.

  • Does anyone know what the rules are about him getting his title back.

    I think in the House of Commons you lose your seat if you are jailed for more that 2 years. Since he was able to keep his title it will be up to the new Tory leader to decide whether he will be able to sit as a Tory again in the Lords

  • In the book he swrote in prison he talked about a murderer offering to do away with one of his enemies. Very sinister!

  • The Sunday Telegraph today has reported that Cameron has said Archer will not be allowed to take the Tory whip in the Lords if he becomes leader. He will have to sit as an unaffiliated peer.

    Bertie, he was in prison. Prisons are full of criminals. Why should an offer to murder someone be surprising in such a setting?

  • Yusuf

    The sinister thing was Archer mentioning it in his book. It was an excuse to intimidate someone that he had a grudge against.

  • ‘offer to murder’
    Two can play at that game as you all know.

  • johnti

    What a marvellous message to be sending the British electorate come the next General Election. The Tory Party that was unelected mainly because of sleaze and lies invites back into its fold the main proponent up to his eyes in both. Jailed and all no less.

    I suppose now that loyalist and Republican prisoners have been released from prison and invited back into the bossom of society to resume a ‘normal’ life after so many years of inflicting carnage on us, it is seen as fashionable now to do the same on the mainland with released ex-politicians.

    The Conservative party has really gone down hill of late

  • But I don’t think that they have said that they want him back, just that he is ready to be wanted.

  • Elvis Parker

    Some really dumb ill informed comments here.
    This is a non event. Cameron has essentially told him to get lost – no comeback for Archer. Nasty spouting by bloggers a waste of everyones time.
    Credit to Cameron for shooting the idea down so quick