The blog that’s not a blog…

Here’s a story to keep an eye on. Some of the biggest bloggers in the US have clubbed together to make a big big blog. Only, since it launched on 16th November, it has not been plain sailing. Mostly because the end result of a lot of thinking and a lot of money, doesn’t much resemble a blog. Thanks to David for the heads up!

  • Pete Baker

    Hmm.. I’ve been distinctly unimpressed by this so far, Mick. A lot of hype and not a lot of substance.

    There are a couple of missing details in the account. There were many more than the current big bloggers signed up initially.. a lot of trimming took place.

    As for the name-change.. It’s gone now but when first challenged about the “Open Source Media” name a post went up at the website claiming there wasn’t an issue with the name and that, anyway, the lawyers had already checked for any potential problems and given them the all clear.. in quite a snippy tone as well.. All changed now.. there’s a lot of covering of tracks going on.

    Not the best way for a blog to operate.. of whatever size.. and those bloggers in particular should know that.

    As for securing $3.5million in investment.. Where’s that being spent? Where’s the future revenue going to be generated? If the choices made in the run-up to the launch are anything to go by that investment will disappear fast.

    Some people have short memories..

  • Mick Fealty

    Check the lot of thinking link I back fed into the piece.

  • Pete Baker

    Yeah, I’ve read some of Dennis’ posts before.. he’s not a fan.

  • Mick Fealty

    That post is particularly interesting though – if only for the amount of excruciating detail that’s in it.

  • Pete Baker

    Wow.. hadn’t read that particular post before making my last comment, Mick.. the phrase “worse than I thought” comes to mind.

    And via Dennis.. here’s that previous statement I mentioned from OSM about.. erm.. OSM –

    About Our Name
    OSM Staff in New York

    Thursday, November 17, 2005

    We are OSM. A gentleman named Christopher Lydon has an excellent web site called Open Source. He uses that as his corporate name, but not as his trade name. His URL is RADIOopensource, and he’s given up – which we and our lawyers confirmed before we chose our name.

    His trade name is Open Source – and Open Source alone. He’s filed a trademark application under Open Source alone, not Open Source Media.

    Our trade name is OSM, and please note that we have a TM after OSM, not after Open Source Media. We consider Open Source Media to be a description of what we are and do, not a trade name.

    There are virtually no corporate names that have not been taken in some state – but what is important is the name used in the public.

    We own but we are not using that as our primary URL because we do not consider Open Source Media to be protectable name by anyone … which is why it’s not our name.

    Thank you. We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.