an internal affair

UTV are reporting [no word on the SF website] Sinn Féin General Secretary Mitchel McLaughlin’s emphasis on the democratic nature of the disciplinary hearing that the party’s MLA Francie Molloy faces following his repeated assertion that the 7 Councils model, announced by Peter Hain, was a “sectrarian headcount” – the Irish Times cartoonist Martyn Turner picks up that theme today – Meanwhile, in the Belfast Telegraph, Eamonn McCann wonders “whether [his] old friend Mitchel isn’t being a mite foolhardy in exercising his disciplinary muscle with such evident alacrity” and, seeking clarity on party procedures, adds a great line “It is surely not healthy to have party members walking around not knowing whether it’s safe to look sideways at Barry McElduff.”

  • Shore Road Resident

    Brilliantly written as always.
    If only he wasn’t a trot.

  • Gonzo

    If Francie is wondering what to do, he could do worse than follow Paul Berry’s advice and obtain an injunction that ensures the party adheres to its own internal disciplinary code.

    The fact that there may not be one in either party indicates how democratic they really are!

  • …its own internal disciplinary code

    The fact that there may not be one in either party indicates how democratic they really are!


    Sinn Féin has a very elaborate internal disciplinary code.

  • shamo

    In fact, to support Chris for a change, SF has probably the most advanced disciplinary code of any party on the island, based on best practice from the voluntary sector and grounded in sound legal advice.

    If only Francie didn’t have to face it…

  • BogExile

    ‘…advanced disciplinary code.’

    One would hope that this advance has dispensed with the previous need for torture and forced confessions as part of internal discipline. See what happens when you give a fridge salesman his head…

  • shamo

    Hang on bog warror, who started talking about the RUC? And had High Orde a past in fridges like Mitchel McL?