mutual discontent

The Guardian’s Daniel Taylor details the last moments of the 12 year relationship between manager Alex Ferguson and player Roy Keane, and it’s a different tale than the one told in the subsequent, agreed, press release, as the Irish Examiner also notes. Meanwhile some of the media reports have latched onto the quote from Alan Hunter of the Irish Football Supporters Association, “Keane has the experience, the determination and the vision to bring Irish soccer to the pinnacle of success”, except it’s not clear who that association are, or who they represent.. one supporters club, Republic of Ireland Soccer Supporters Club, have disassociated themselves from his comments. A little more on Alan Hunter and the IFSA here.I’ll just note this quote – spoke with secretary Alan Hunter and he told us “We, the IFSA only become active when we feel that stuff affects either ourselves or our children.”

  • Roy being brutally honest about his team-mates is not a new thing and is actually something which Ferguson encouraged, so I can’t imagine that its the main reason for his departure.

    Glazer saves a fortune on wages, Roy gets the chance to move on early to either Celtic( where just by coincidence, he’s up watching the game today) or the Republic job. Also, he’s been in a gentle decline for the last couple of seasons so Ferguson probably reckons he won’t be that great a loss.

    So, as long as he’s replaced quickly(interesting to see if funds will be available for Ballack) everyone ends up a winner

  • Pete Baker


    I highlighted the quote about the Republic of Ireland manager’s post to point out the lack of credibility of the source.. The idea that a player with absolutely no managerial or coaching experience should be considered for the job is, I believe, ludicrous.

  • True he doesn’t have direct managerial or coaching experience, but he has completed his FA Coaching Badges and having played under both Clough and Ferguson, he’s seen two masters at work.
    He’s a good judge of players (evidenced by who he picked out for criticism at Utd!)and more of a thinker about the game than people give him credit for.

    So his lack of experience wouldn’t be that big a problem. His lack of man-management skills would be the reason he wouldn’t make a successful manager at the present time, he’s quite capable of giving a player who doesn’t meet his own high standards a clout and you can’t do that kind of thing with international players!

    Moving up to Celtic as a player/coach makes a lot more sense.