Two brave men…

WHETHER you agree with them or not, it’s hard not to admire the guts of these two men from different sides of the sectarian fence in Nothern Ireland – Denis Bradley and Raymond McCord. Often rejected by their ‘own’ communities, both have shown extraordinary courage at great personal cost in recent times.Addressing the home crowd at the SDLP annual conference, Bradley – who took a horrific beating for his support for the police recently – acknowledged the 50/50 recruitment quota for the PSNI would have to end.

Meanwhile, McCord defied a ‘on-ceasefire’ UVF death threat to see a man he believes was involved in his son’s murder face a judge. As new evidence finally comes forward – perhaps as the State tries to quickly wrap up the ‘loyalist problem’ before Christmas – McCord still finds himself somewhat hung out to dry, by unionists… although he battles on, in his own hard-nosed way.

The fact that the BBC search engine didn’t bring up any results for ‘Raymond McCord’ (on my PC anyway), despite him being mentioned on it a number of times, kind of typifies someone who hasn’t used a major publicity campaign , which the McCartney sisters benefited from in their justice campaign.

Uphill struggles all round.

  • lipsy

    Yes, fair play to Mr McCord for all he has done for trying to find some sort of justice for his son but the underlying truth is this: he is and always has been a bully boy! He claims to have received all these ‘death threats’ but yet sends his own versions in the forms of symapthy cards, postcards, typed letters, phone calls to parents, partners, children of those he claims killed his son. Surely he understands the anxiety caused by these things & if he had any sense of feeling would not wish to cause it to anyone else? I feel for the man, really, but I have seen firsthand evidence of these cards etc. Believe me, he has one crude, sick mind! I have never lost a son, God forbid I ever do & I cannot blame the man for being what he is today but please understand people that he is not as innocent as he makes out!

  • gareth mccord

    “a bully boy”
    i take it you do not understand the meaning let me help. how can one man bully those who helped cover up, give alibis and continue to support the uvf killers of his son. our family have shown the meaning of the phrase of “standing up to the bully boy” tactics of the uvf and their supporters and families. we also have not retaliated YET so we can have justice by the laws of this country. if he claims to have these death threats and you suggest they are false, then i would invite you to walk up the shankill down the shore road rathcoole new mossley monkstown east belfast etc etc with him and judge for yourself. i would guess you would turn down the brisk walk. and for a crude mind believe me ask the dorrians, mccartneys and the rest of the murdering paramilitary scum what they would like to do to the murderers of their loved ones and those who protect and support them. so mr lipsy think about it as their is allways a bigger PICTURE.

  • lipsy

    First off Gareth my dear boy, I am not Mr lipsy, I am female!
    Secondly, I have the utmost respect for your father for standing up to those he claims killed Raymond Jnr but I am not only talking about that. To be honest, the man has to be off his rocker but then again, he knows that if anything were to happen to him who would be blamed….hmmmm, I wonder!! Who else is blamed for anything these days (scapegoat = Mount Vernon).
    I am not saying he is ‘bullying’ the people he is accusing, I am talking about the relatives and you know exactly what I mean Gareth don’t you without me going into great detail?! There is no call for putting more innocent people through hell beacuse of what he is alleging their father/son/husband did.
    At the end of the day, justice usually prevails and I am a firm believer in karma, what goes around, comes around. Look at a certain Mr Haddock!!
    My point is this and this alone, what is the sense in torturing innocent families, have you not been through enough to know that it gets you nowhere?

    btw….yeah, I understand the meaning perfectly!

  • gareth mccord

    mr/miss lipsy their are many flaws in your so called “utmost respect”.
    firstly he does not claim those who killed his son, he is along with dectectives ,branch informers ,u.v.f. members and the dog on the corner of everyones street stating a FACT that haddock ordered young logue bonzo to silence raymond by whatever means and with whoever.
    Also as far as cards and phone calls to innocent people i will not let that happen my word so if these so called innocent people you know to contact me on Also obvious you are from mount vernon but fact is again mr/miss lipsy it is filled with murderers drug dealers pimps bully boys and people who protect and obey these scum,so my point is scapegoat or not look at the facts out of you and your friends windows and tell them to stand up for the decent people and get rid of the scum.
    b.t.w. ask [removed] and others why they send stuff in the mail to my fathers, my granny 80 years old because not all go in the papers far from it . but please contact me on my e-mail address and no innocent people will be bothered because none are to my knowledge. KARMA TO THE MOUNT VERNON U.V.F. AND THEIR SUPPORTERS.

  • lipsy

    No, actually Gareth, I am not from Mount Vernon, I just have a lot of decent friends there. Yes, DECENT people, and a lot of them there are in the estate contrary to your belief. A lot of them being related to you if I am not mistaken!?
    I could retaliate to your comments Gareth but I shall not lower myself, I am above that, but if need be and only if need be I can and will shame your father on here and show people what he really is! I cannot even begin to comprehend what your family has went through and I would not want to cause any more grief to you but please understand that there is no need to keep sending this hate mail or whatever it should be called.
    I’m sure your father etc has recived these cards too but he is also sending them Gareth and you know that’s true, come on! Unless it’s you….you seem quite an articulate person after all!
    You also seem very brave naming names on here Gareth, is there really a need for that? Obviously you want justice but why degrade yourself by acting in this manner? Do you think your brother would want you all to live the rest of your life like this?

  • bertie

    I know nothing about what these last posts have been about but I just wanted to

    express my sympathy to the McCord family

    say that I hope that the murderers (and anyone who played a parti in either the muder or covering up) of Raymond Mc Cord are brought to justice, or at least what little justice we still have here.

    and to say that I hope that the UUP members that the McCord family have met since the PUP/UVF link up had at least the decency to feel shame, even if it wasn’t enough to make them break the link.

  • gareth mccord

    mr/miss lipsy
    wake up! wise up! and dont involve yourself in our campaign against “mount vermin”. do the decent thing and stop supporting the mount vermin . remember decent people dont let murderers walk the streets with their kids, sell drugs to their kids,bully their kids and dont help by staying silent over the mount vermin uvf actvities. our releatives in mount vermin shore road have disgraced our name. before raymonds death they always asked my father for help with matters and when raymond was killed they promised they would do anything. they are cowards liars and a disgrace to our family name and far from decent people. but i guess they are just feared and living on their knees like the rest of the mount vermin instead of showing the children of mount vermin to stand up to the uvf and get them out. tell me how can naming murderers of your loved ones be degrading ? as for making up stories about my father please do as facts and lies are so obvious to those who know. the reason [removed again – see commenting policy – edited moderator] are alive today is because of my father .he has stopped me and others of taking action because he wants it done through the courts and them jailed for life. i dont like stories in the papers in the media threats by cards or phone calls i just wouldnt waste my time. i want action but as im not going to ruin my fathers efforts of justice in the courts for now! as for what young raymond would want mr/miss lipsy you must be a coward like the mount vermin because if someone kills a member of your family it is the family duty to get justice in their name no matter what! IT IS BETTER TO DIE ON YOUR FEET THAN LIVE ON YOUR KNEES!

  • lipsy

    woah there! It seems you have a very high opinion of yourself………the reason they are alive blah blah blah……come on, who do you think you are? And I am far from a coward, I can assure you of that, I would even go as far as to tell you who I am except I don’t want to be in receipt of one of these sick cards you lot keep sending. I also have my family to think of!
    As for ‘making up stories’ about your father, please, I really do not need to do that! All I will say is this, ‘bloody boots’. He’ll know what I mean, hell, you probably know. Give it up already, it’s over, let the courts deal with it in the proper way, stop harrassing innocent people!!!

  • gareth mccord

    i SWEAR on raymonds grave i would not and have not seen any card letter sent to whoever! I disagree with them or anything similar! so dont accuse without facts.(i dont) as for “bloody boots” please tell me if not here but e-mail as i have given.i know he is not an angel before but he is not a murderer drug dealer racketeer pimp . as far as im aware he only hit those who attacked him or his friends and family. believe me my opinion of myself is simply i have no fear of dying getting justice for raymond and i will. it is my duty and no matter what is written here its just words not action. which is louder? i dont drink, take drugs, no crim record, sleep around i am just a good family man who WILL DESTROY those who took raymonds life.(if it means my own as well) but please contact me with info and facts and i will stop any innocent people harassed. give me info mr/miss lipsy based on facts. b.t.w. mount vermin have alot of enemies not just us ? think about it?

  • lipsy

    let’s see if the harrassment stops eh Gareth?

  • Pete Baker

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