LVF disbands…

AFTER the announcement of the end of the loyalist feud between the UVF and Loyalist Volunteer Force, the directionless LVF leadership ordered all its military units to stand down from midnight. It marks the welcome end to one of Northern Ireland’s shortest-lived, but possibly most sectarian, terrorist groups.

  • billy

    Does this mean that the uvf will take over the remainder of the lvf’s drug trade ?

  • Good riddance. The fewer psychotic Loyalists on the street, the better off they are in the North.

  • Pete Baker

    The end of any paramilitary group is welcome – if that is indeed what has happened. But that both these announcements come after many months of a murderous campaign orchestrated by another paramilitary group [in this case the UVF], while the Secretary of State turned a blind eye to those murders, is definitely not a situation to be welcomed.

  • Pete Baker

    Btw.. this line, from the BBC report, is simply not accurate –

    “The report on the loyalist paramilitary feud led Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Hain to declare the UVF ceasefire had broken down.”

    As I noted previously –

    “ was a decision that Peter Hain took only after the recent rioting, but not on receiving the IMC report.. before the rioting..”


    I just hope that Nationalists show as much gratitude as they seem to expect Unionists to show in response to the IRAs recent actions.

    You think that’s likely?

  • paul

    Is this a victory for loyalist mob rule?

  • Dualta

    “I pay tribute to those who have worked so hard to bring this resolution about.”

    Nigel Dodds, BBC News online.

    If the DUP were to show the same attitude to those in the Nationalist community who worked for the IRA`s standing down of its units it would certainly help the peace process along a bit.

  • headmelter

    ‘just hope that Nationalists show as much gratitude as they seem to expect Unionists to show in response to the IRAs recent actions.’

    I dont think nationalists expected gratitude but what might be appreciated would be recognition that things have changed, for the better and to demonstrate some willingness to work together to move forward.
    It would be nice if unionist politicians were a bit more positive instead of continually whinging about the what ifs and what abouts.
    Reg does seem to be making an effort but the DUPes remain as negative and obstructive as ever.

    I think the lvf ‘standing down their military wing’ is a very positive step and much welcomed by nationalists. It will be interesting, however, to see if and when any weapons are decommissioned.

    As for the other loyalist paramilitaries, to borrow a phrase from someone, ‘They haven’t gone away you know.’

  • paul

    The IRA’s standing down was not about gratitude, but the opening ip of new political avenues. The LVF’s disbandment clearly does not do the same thing, so it is not comparable. However the response of unionist politicians is indeed comparable. When will the fiction end that the unionist parties do not hold sway and influence over the LVF, UVF and UDA?

  • Where’r the guns, that’s what i’d like to know. This is hardly a significant move if they are still an armed force.

  • Paul, I’m not sure that they do. I would like them to but I genuinely believe that unionist politicians are so out of touch with grass-roots working class unionists or loyalists that they hold little sway, kind of like the prefect with the school bully.

    Glad to see loyalist paramilitaries standing down though. 1 down, 2 to go.

  • Dick Doggins

    How are they going to protect their huge drug empire if they disarm!
    Have the made some kind of shoddy deal to fall back under the UVF`s umbrella of protection, for a huge slice of the drugs action????

  • Comrade Stalin

    I just hope that Nationalists show as much gratitude as they seem to expect Unionists to show in response to the IRAs recent actions.

    You think that’s likely?

    What I would like is a consistent and predictable response from our politicians. I haven’t seen any response from nationalists, but so far I’ve seen Nigel Dodds implicitly endorse a policy of talking to active terrorist groups to persuade them to stand down :

    I pay tribute to those who have worked so hard to bring this resolution about.

    Do you really think Dodds’ response to a similar action by a republican group would be the same ? No way in hell.

  • Comrade Stalin


    Glad to see loyalist paramilitaries standing down though. 1 down, 2 to go.

    You take loyalists at their word just because they issue a statement ?

  • mnob

    CS and Dualta. Dodds had a whole lot more than that to say. Its strange that the one line printed by the BBC doesn’t match what was played on Cool fm this morning.

    I cant remember excatly what was said but I was left with the impression that he was saying he was very suspicious, which is *exactly* the approach they are taking with the IRA.

  • Amidst all the terrible acts of sectarian brutality and violence that went on during the Troubles, it would be hard to claim that any one particular group was the worst. But the LVF are certainly contenders.

    When it comes to naked sectarian aggression, not to mention destruction of their own community through drugs, the LVF were certainly masters.

    What path the UVF will now take, with the LVF out of the picture, remains to be see. But thankfully today we have one less evil entity to deal with.

    Good riddance.

  • Comrade Stalin

    mnob, whatever else Dodds said, he heaped praise on the people who had been involved in getting the LVF to stand down. Are you telling me that Dodds would ever make a comment praising people who had persuaded the IRA to disband (without disarming) ? Wise up.

    The LVF don’t even appear to have issued a statement. The LVF haven’t explained why they have disbanded.

  • mnob

    CS, I am tempted to say so what ? Did you expect him to ?

    I could just as well have expected you to warmly welcome the LVF announcement, and then criticise you for not disapointing me.

  • Zorro

    About time!

    What now for the UVF who the Independent Monitoring Commission has for the four murders over the summer?

  • Bogexile


    ” Uugh, mmmmpf gurn bleeeeph, mucker fuckafffff!”


    ” we’re stopping killing humans/paramiltaries/ourselves to ensure our contribution to the peace process by increasing the production and distribution of crack cocaine in North Ballymena by 175% in line with our latest Invesst NI business plan for ex-paramilitary spides. We are now beating our swords into syringes”

  • So the LVF say they are to stand down.

    But can we believe them?

    Where are the photos to prove this?

    Can we just take the words of an unwritten statement and a politician?

    Could it be a cover up?

    What “concessions” were made or are going to be made by the British and Irish governments?

    etc. etc.

    The good people of Northern Ireland deserve to see firm concrete evidence.

    I expect in a few days Nigel Dodds will start calling nationalists “Nazis”!

  • Comrade Stalin

    CS, I am tempted to say so what ? Did you expect him to ?

    No, and that is why I am highlighting Dodds’ hypocrisy, and pointing out that your suggestion that Dodds’ is giving the LVF with exactly the same response as the IRA is nonsense and unsupported by the available facts.

    I could just as well have expected you to warmly welcome the LVF announcement, and then criticise you for not disapointing me.

    You could only reasonably do so if you expected my response to be consistent. I’m not an elected MP who keeps saying how wrong it is to talk to terrorists – Dodds is, and yet here he is praising a rather unclear and ambiguous outcome of a talks process involving a completely unelected group of thugs.

  • Jo

    Interesting not to have heard the “Rev” Wm McCreas reaction – perhaps he has changed his view that in fact this is now the right time for the LVF to disband as he (allegedly) had pleaded with them previously NOT to disarm.

  • mnob

    CS, I guess the key point in your message is the ‘unsupported by available facts’ one. What exactly do you mean by that ?

  • mnob

    If for example I was to take one single piece of reporting out of context and use it as my ‘available evidence’ I would take this from tonights Belfast Telegraph :

    North Belfast MP, Nigel Dodds, welcomed the end of the feud, saying he hoped “that this announcement will be evidenced on the ground and that people’s lives will return to normal”.

    which I read as being sceptical.

  • Baluba

    Very good Slapnuts, that gave me a good laugh in what has otherwise been a pain in the arse day.

    Cheers mucker.

  • Concerned Loyalist

    Hopefully an end to a scourge of loyalist communities in Ulster…since Billy Wright’s death at the hands of an INLA murder gang, in collusion with the NIO and prison authorities, the LVF’s only loyalty has been crime, and their victims, the loyalist communities they live and operate in.

  • It is a welcome development but they will ultimately be judged by their actions and not their words.

  • Brian Boru

    Where’s the photos? Witnesses? Oh hold on….this is a Loyalist group. Sorry.

  • Comrade Stalin

    mnob, the principal contention here is whether Dodds would have responded in the same way to the IRA. Pick any one of the statements that have been attributed to Dodds during today by you or anyone else. Would he have said the same thing when dealing with republicans ? I don’t think so, and when I talk about available evidence I am talking about the history of how people like Dodds have dealt with similar announcements coming from that quarter.

    Here is a quote from Dodds from the time of the IRA’s announcement of total disarmament last month:

    “We have seen stunts, hype and spin time out of number … so it’s going to be a lot harder, more difficult, more challenging to get people to accept this as genuine,” Dodds said.

    Dodds in that case was referring to what most people accept was a full disarmament act that was observed by several independent observers, with the extent of the disarmament affirmed by British intelligence. Don’t you think there’s quite a marked difference with the way Dodds has chosen to respond to what is a rather more ambiguous act, with no independent verification at all ?

    Can you remind us why you think Dodds approaches the matter of loyalist activity in the same way he approaches republican activity ?

  • elFinto

    So, if the LVF is standing down its ‘military’ units what remains of the organisation? As far as I am aware it does not have a political wing – unless of course you count the DUP. And where will their guns go to? I suspect that the LVF will just re-emerge under another nom-de-guerre.

  • Brian Boru

    Wait a minute…No photographs…I know must be a cover up!

  • Brian Boru

    Where are the photos? I know…it’s a cover-up…concessions…:(

  • Comrade Stalin

    mnob, my point is simply this : the quote that Dodds uttered (in praise of those who held talks with terrorists and delivered what is a rather ambiguous outcome) which was carried by the BBC would never have been uttered if the subject matter had been anything to do with republicans. If you are disputing that then I hope you can provide some evidence. Evidence in this case would be defined as soft platitudes coming from Dodds aimed towards people talking to the IRA.

    Strangely, none of the media have published the LVF’s actual statement – was there one ?

    [me, I see this whole thing as positive rather than negative, but it doesn’t add up to much given that we’re talking about a comparatavely small organization, already gravely weakened, which is dwarfed by it’s larger ally, the UDA, as well as the UVF. Life hasn’t moved on much here – yet. They have made this move for some strategic purpose we’ve yet to see the outworking of…]

  • bertie

    Just a load of murdering bastards desparately looking for approval. I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them or as far as they could throw me!

  • bertie

    This is just another pack of murdering bastards desparately trying to appear relevant. I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them, or them throw me!

  • forest

    It will be interesting to hear any condemnation from the dup’s paisley jnr,rev mccrea and sammy wilson.Mccrea is well known for his support for Billy Wright and both Paisley and Wilson attended a lvf organised rally in portadown in 1998 days after the double murder of lifelong catholic and protestant friends damian trainor and phillip allen.Prevarication and ambivalence perhaps?

  • LVF – Loyalist Veterans Fellowship?

  • Concerned Loyalist

    LVF – Low-Life Vermin Fraternity