Changes a-footie..?

IFA president Jim Boyce has said it’s time for a new anthem at Northern Ireland matches. He was voicing his disapproval of the booing of national anthems after the Welsh anthem was booed at Windsor Park on Saturday, an apparent response to the Welsh fans disrespecting the British national anthem when NI played in Cardiff.Boyce believes it might be better to have a general football anthem.

“I am considering taking this matter up with FIFA,” he told PA Sport.

“Perhaps a football anthem should be played at all World Cup and European games, like in the Champions League, instead of the national anthems.

“The time has come when FIFA and UEFA are going to have to look at this very carefully.

“There is nothing as bad as standing in a stadium to hear continuous booing of a national anthem. It is a worrying trend and very disrespectful.

“Because of what happened in Wales when their supporters booed our national anthem, I was hoping our fans would not react to that.

“Unfortunately a minority of them did react. It should not have occurred.”