The Chronicles cometh

In today’s Guardian, Justine Picardie is apprehensive. Why? Because Disney are gearing up for this year’s Christmas onslaught on cinema audiences with the release, scheduled for 8th December, of Jack Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Check out the excellent official movie website, there’s a trailer and other clips in there if you look closely.. in various formats. Or you could watch the trailer at the Apple site [quicktime only]. Back when the movie was announced the BBC News Online’s Greg McKevitt took a look around Belfast for evidence of inspiration. Lord of the Rings??? Pfft.. although that movie’s influence does seem evident in the trailer..

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8 thoughts on “The Chronicles cometh

  1. I have something to get off my chest.

    I realise my screen name already makes me an easy target for what I’m about to say, but, I, er…, really don’t like either Lord of the Rings or The Chronicles of Narnia.

    Give me a deliriously hammy, clunky, bloated, space opera stuffed full of Wizard of Oz references any day of the week.

    I kneel before George Luca$’ neck-meat.

    There. I said it. Kenobi help me.

  2. I don’t think the Narnia chronicles stand the test of time in the way that Lord of the Rings does.
    I used to be a big fan when I was younger, but now I am in agreement with the author Philip Pullman who has been a pretty outspoken critic of Lewis and his series of childrens books.
    In fact, so outspoken has he been that Peter Hitchens has written this article in defence of Lewis.

    Having said that, I can well imagine that the films shall be a great success.

  3. “Northern Ireland politics and culture? Disney?”

    Yeah.. “?”, but then, if you’d bothered to read the links – or even had any inkling of the subject – you’d realise that CS Lewis was born in Belfast.


    Say it ain’t so, Yoda, say it ain’t so! 😉

  4. The autor or the piece was hesitant about Disney because she was afraid and old friend was going to be Disneyised, but y’all seem to be taking the tak of Pullman in TAFKABO link. (Thanks by the way). Is this going to turn into what Hitchens seems to fear, a left right, Christian secular, battle a la The Passion of the Christ? I never read Narnia, so the link was helpful.

    Yoda, use the force!

  5. The Narnia sequence was too heavy-handed. Screwtape (or The Silent Planet sequence) are better.

    LotR? Pure suckage. Dry, yawn-inducing and taking all the best parts of Norse mythology and making them dire. And yes, I have read all the books, but not seen all the films. I sat through the first as we got to see it free, the second I lend from a mate on DVD and never got to the end. The third? I am aware of its existence.

  6. As for the films being “Disneyised”, I would hardly think that this is likely to happen since they are already pretty tame and “on message” as far as catering for a largely right wing audience with a christian ethos.

    I am perhaps wondering if the makers have decided to spice the films up a little, to compete with both Lord Of The Rings and the Harry Potter movies.

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