Importance of confidentiality…

De Chastelain has just apologised for the lack of clarity of previous acts of decommissioning. He says it was important for him to use the independent status of the commission to establish the methodology. “It was not for us to editorialise. Getting armed groups to put aside their arms voluntarily is not easy”. Confidentiality was crucial.

  • circles

    Well done De Chastelain – he has done a great job so far.
    Not lets see the guns on the other side please!

  • Concerned Loyalist

    You’ll be waiting a while I suspect…We have the possibility of a Provie split and the INLA, “Continuity” IRA and “Real” IRA are still armed Republican murder gangs, and, unlike the Provos, have had no political success and no political leadership worth talking about so have no direction or discipline and have nothing to lose, for example, by bombing Protestant bars or town centres!