Derry with a capital D?

The DUP is up in arms about a Monaghan judge who refused to recognise the name “Londonderry” given by the defendant as being his address. The Judge said he “didn’t want to see this rubbish coming before him again” as far as he was concerned it was “just Derry with a capital D.”“For a member of the Southern Judiciary to make such an ill-informed and completely inaccurate statement is astounding,” said Foster.

“This is indicative of the way in which authorities within the Republic of Ireland have contempt for anything British. I will be writing to the Irish Minister for Justice in relation to this matter. Is it any wonder that the minority protestant communities in the Southern border areas feel entirely isolated when this is the type of statement coming from the Irish Judiciary.”

Do the “minority Protestant communities” in the Irish Republic not also call it Derry?