Do Unionists really love Ulster?

Although he’s clearly enjoying himself, Danny Morrison questions the priorities of the Unionist rioters. In particular, he asks Unionist leaders to take an objective look at what they have agreed to (albeit contingent on promised IRA moves) even in the later version of the Belfast Agreement, the embryonic Comprehensive Agreement.Are we living in a 32-county, democratic socialist republic under an IRA government? Has Protestantism been suppressed and the Orange Order banned? Has the centre of all commerce, banking and administration been shifted to Carrickmore?

Whatever became of Reg Empey’s contribution to political stability, his cocky, provocative claim after the setting up of the executive under the Belfast Agreement, that “the hunger strikers had died for nothing and republicans were administering British rule in the North”?

Whatever became of Ian Paisley’s claim to unionists just four months ago that, by voting for the Democratic Unionists, the Ulster Unionist “sellout” would end and be reversed and that under him there would be “no more concessions to the IRA and no more rewards for IRA/Sinn Féin”?