Blame game reaches predictable conclusion…

EVERYONE in Northern Ireland has now been blamed for the weekend riots by someone, so why not the Kaiser Chiefs too? Their lyrics certainly suggest they have more of a handle on the situation than those in charge (supposedly).

  • Napper

    Before we start blaming the Protestants for all the troubles in the northern territory, perhap we should look at the awful Irish American website know as Debate Central which advocates the destruction and elimination of Jews.

    Don’t believe it?

    Check out the posts of their favorite son who goes under the moniker of BrianK. He’s been spewing his hate on that website with impunity for years. Much to the delight of the webmistress.

    And that is a shame on the Irish people.

  • levee

    Loved the line on Random Shite:

  • Rick

    Napper – The Protestants can’t be blamed because irish america has an anti-semitic website? What?

  • circles

    aye – I was wonderin’ what Napper was on there myself. Surely he should have points removed for complete irrelevance.

  • Philip

    Not even a cat goes to the toilet in his back yard: so I suggest that as violence occurs during a working day it can be inferred that many rioters or either seeking state benefit or should be at school. If so the police should pass the videos onto the appropriate civil servants and let them, identify the culprits thereby allowing the rioter’s benefit be cut in proportion to
    their damage or let the parent’s be prosecuted for their children’s unlawful action.