Big Game on DVD at eBay…

I KNOW it’s a bit sad to still be posting links about the historic (for once, when applied to Northern Ireland, a description that seems almost inadequate) Northern Ireland victory over England the other day, but this lovingly cheesy home made digital tribute is well worth watching if you’re a fan – and they come from Wales and Poland too these days! The BBC would be crazy not to release a DVD of the game, maybe packaged with a feature – after all, you can buy one on eBay already!

More fan-based footie links over at OWC.

  • Richard Dowling

    Northern Ireland – England. I decided to watch it and tape our
    own game — (Ireland v France) . Inserted brand new tape —
    picked correct channel — pressed ‘record’ — and 2/3 hours later
    found that not a kick had been recorded. A tear in the tape at
    point zero! Ah, well. One magical goal in both games. A good
    night for football. Well done lads. It’s only a game, I think!

  • maca

    What i’d really like to get (on DVD or video) is the Galway vs Kilkenny hurling semi. Does anyone have it or know where to get it?? (i’ll pay with cash or my soul, sexual favours not ruled out)

  • fmk

    there was a fantastic photo in the (london) times on saturday, of the ball going it, the ball still to hit the net, and the looks on the faces of the spectators was amazing. i spent more time looking at the background, picking out the shock and the surprise and the amazement in people’s faces and body language.