Evacuation of New Orleans Ordered

As RTÉ put it – “Mandatory evacuations are underway in the city of New Orleans. The city, with a population of about 1.4 million people, is about two metres below sea level.”.. there’s much more here, here, and here.. and we’re sending out good vibes to those in the area.. Update and to those nearby

  • Cathal

    Has there been any deaths yet?

  • Colm

    That question sounds quite ghoulish – as if your waiting with excited anticipation.

  • bertie

    It sent a shiver through me too but I don’t presume it was meant that way. It just shows how we are at the mercy of the elements.

  • Thomas from Texas

    No deaths reported yet. It looks really bad, evacuations underway. But thanks for the concern. They’ll take a very hard hit, fourth worst storm recorded here. We’ve known for years that this day would come, we’ll see how well preparations will work. I have to say it was nice that this website put this up as a subject of discussion, unexpected since it’s primarily about Northern Ireland, very thoughtful, and appreciated.

  • Rob

    Thanks, Pete. We’re good s ofar.

  • bertie


    when posting on here I keep forgetting that anyone os reading it apart form “ourselves” (although I’m not sure what I thought “ourselves” consisted off?). We do sometimes (not for long mind) take a moment to take our gaze off our navels.

    I sincerly hope that the death toll will be very low or non existant. Even so though with this sort of thing, the destruction of property and the upheavel has its toll of suffering.

    Best Wishes to all involved

  • circles

    Has the increasing occurrence of larger storms raised the discussion of climate change and particularly the Kyoto Protocol in the states (as the Bush Admin refuses to sign up)?

  • Cathal

    Sorry about my first comment I didn’t really mean it that way.

  • Angel

    So far the winds are gusting up to 150mph or higher. The news is saying that as of now Mississippi is getting pounded and could for two hours or more. The Super Dome in New Orleans has been converted into a shelter for the invalid, old and those who just couldn’t get out, over 9000 people, it’s sprung a few leaks but holding up. The National Guard is on the sceen incase they have to evacuate. Hurricane winds can last up to ten hours(sustained winds of 90-110mph), that’s where the tornados come from. With the US having such large land mass these winds can travel for thousands of miles mixing with jest streams and cold fronts. The effects can be felt as far away as Michigan causing severe storms with torential rain, deadly lightning, golf – tennis ball size hail, and tornados.

  • Katie

    Cathal, your question no longer sounds ghoulish in the least, only sadly prophetic.