Flagging up another problem…

A SENIOR cop lays into a government department for refusing to help remove flags in Limavady. Once again, the Department of Regional Development takes the ‘play safe, do nothing’ approach that even a more pro-active PSNI seems to be slowly moving away from these days.The Tele reported:

The DRD said that they had arranged a meeting with the Limavady police chief for next week.

A spokeswoman said: “Roads Service policy is where complaints are received and there is no danger to road users, to gauge community reaction to determine the likely success of any action that might be taken.

“This is generally done through consultation with local councillors, other public representatives and the PSNI.”

The PSNI Divisional Commander for Limavady pointed out a problem in the system that was brushed under the carpet a while ago, in the hope that no-one would notice – the police are powerless to use anti-terror legislation to remove non-paramilitary flags.

So much for a joined-up approach!