Telling it like it is

Television lets a lot of tragedy into our homes, it rarely follows up. The BBC revisited some drug addicted children and found this story.

  • Lyn

    I just wanted to say thanks to the ppl that answered my q’s about the NI situation… (that was posted on Aug 8/05).
    I was doing research for an article about IRA and found that a google search (and many many many information later) said that there was a catholic mayority at NI and that they were discriminated by protestants who controlled the government and that’s why the paramilitary movements began: one to defend catholics, and the other as a counter movement, loyalists.
    I know this is not the topic to this post, but I promise I won’t be posting stuff that’s not concerned with the topic from now on. Thanks again, and I really hope that you guys can achieve a way to work together, because we are after all one big family!
    ps- Currently I live in Puerto Rico… and it sucks! (except for vacation!)

  • mickhall


    Thanks for posting this, what a mess, but hey no worries, the two kids were only members of the underclass, they brought it on themselves. better dead than scrounging on the dole all their lives.

    The whole problem of the Blair governments drug programs is in the main they are advice led or centered around a tiny daily does of methadone. There is no blue sky thinking involved. These communities have gone from being hard working homogenous communities to the ‘underclass’, infested with drugs and crime in one generation. Neo-liberal capitalism and that ‘bitch’ have a lot to answer for.

    Regards to all.

  • The Beach Tree


    As perhaps a little blue skies thinking, has anyone considered or experimented with the extension of the co-operative savings and loan system and concept to employment, i.e. locally based locally owned non or small- profit enterprises which provided jobs, basic wages, and possibly dividends to its employees, while also providing learning opportunities at the same time?

  • Itsonlyme

    Awful, tragic story.

    But why were only mothers mentioned? Where were their dads?

    Need one ask?