SOME honest opinions on the underclass situation in Lisburn, Belfast, and, of course, Strabane, the third worst place to live in the UK, according to Channel 4.

Remember to have a search on the Chavtown site to get an update on the spide situation in your neighbourhood.

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  1. It seems to be human nature to divide the world into us and them: whether it be us versus the next village, townland, football team, other religions. Funny enough, ´we´ usually happen to be so much superior. We don´t put it like that-it´s the subtext. If, in this case, they are ´stupid´, ´lazy´ ´workshy´ etc then the implication is we are not.
    Basically I´m a bit sick of this rubbish, and there are a lot of these ´chav´and ´spide´ themes on Slugger recently, unfortunately. Could you not lay off the subject, please?

  2. Fair point FC, but the ´stupid´, ´lazy´ ´workshy´ stuff isn’t the issue – it is the anti-social behaviour, in particular the casual violence associated with gangs of young guys and more recently girls that I think has to be addressed.

    It isn’t moral superiority that makes people afraid of getting bottled by a nasty little kid and his mates on their way home. But unfortunately once the argument is framed with a hint of racism or classism then any chance of a decent debate goes down the pan.

    Maybe this thread isn’t the place to deal with it.

  3. “I suggest that co Clare be fenced off and made a spide/nacker homeland where they can all fight among themselves and from what Ive seen and heard they will fit in perfectly with the native population”

    Why waste time going to Clare– we already have reservations in West BelfastCarrickfergus and South Armagh.. Some tours are already organised-lets just build on existing structures

  4. Hate to say it guys but Bored is right.I really do want these people to be beheaded and id gladly watch every single minute of it.

    Its not a case of getting rid of people we dont like the look of, its getting rid of people who beat the living crap out of some poor kid for looking differant or simply because he happened to be there.

    I recently got attacked by a piece of scum because i wouldnt let go of my own girlfriends hand. Now thankfully this piece of shit ended up with his face to the ground but this isnt always the case. Similar events have happened to my friends and I since I was around 12/13.

    And as for the travel idea, i just recently got back from travelling around europe for a month and i agree with Bored’s sentiments, there is nowhere as scum infested as Belfast. I also got back to find that Belfast had gone fucking nuts with young girls being raped and guys being killed all over the joint. I really cant stand the place. I just cant wait for the day when the police are given an MP5 as standard issue.

  5. The Northern Ireland Executive Education Committee has determined that different Secondary Maths Exam papers are required for pupils in the two different schools wards.
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  6. As a prime example of how the spide infestion is getting worse, all you need to do is look at Botanic Avenue.

    A few years back it was quite a nice place to go of an evening – good restaurants, cafes and bars. Today, these places are still there but the street now has a large number of spides and winos hanging out there. They stand about or sit at bus stops drinking their carryouts. They look agressive and act agressively. They harass women and ethnic minorities as they walk past. Last night for example there was one group of seven sitting at a bus stop drinking. Another group of five standing outside a chippie drinking. Further up was a group of winos.

    This is one of the main streets of Belfast! not a back street. Are the police completely oblivious to this? Does nobody care what tourists might think?

  7. Spide infestion??? Infestion like???

    I think Slugger has a mild Love Ulster infestion at the minute.
    C’mon folks let’s try harder to beat this sloppy spelling virus!

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