Gardaí crack down on immigration from NI

A year on from the referendum to change the Irish Republic’s citizenship laws, it has been revealed that 477 people have been refused entry from Northern Ireland to the Irish Republic in the first six months of 2005, an increase of nearly 250% over a year. Thanks Seamus for this even if it’s a little late.A special Garda immigration unit based in Dundalk stopped the people in the first six months while in the same period last year, they refused nearly 194.

The vast majority are from former Soviet States and have come looking for work but aren’t entitled to work permits.

The Immigration Border Control Unit was set up last October and has its base in Dundalk as the Belfast to Dublin corridor is regarded as the main route of entry of illegal immigrants.

According to Garda Commissioner Noel Conroy in the Irish Times false passports that state the people are from new EU countries such as Latvia or Estonia are used for entry.

The head of the Dundalk Unit, Sgt O’Connor, said “very few people” are now putting in asylum applications.

Not surprising considering the “safe third country” rule means they are immediately returned to the UK, from whence they came.