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Some of you may be interested in a play on Radio 4 on Friday named ‘Dungannon’. It’s the story of a young mother’s efforts to get a home for her family in County Tyrone in 1963… more here.

  • alex kerenski

    bit unrelated, but are you the same aaron scullion that lives in london and went to wallace high school??

  • Aaron

    Maybe.. why? I emailed you, but your address doesn’t seem to exist.

  • Denny Boy

    I came across this document, dating from 1964. It was issued by The Campaign for Social Justice in Northern Ireland, based at Castlefields, Dungannon. It makes for sobering reading.

    I often wonder why NI Protestants in those dark days stood idly by and allowed such iniquities to continue. Was Ivan Cooper the only Protestant politician with a sense of decency, or were there others?

  • Denny Boy

    Hmm, something went wrong with that link. Here it is again.

  • Ziznivy

    Because no nationalist councils ever did the same thing where they had a majority. :-/ Unfortunately decisions almost always adhered to sectarian lines at that time no matter which group was in the ascendancy. It’s merely more pronounced on the unionist side because there was more scope for unionist favouritism.