RIR Home Service to be disbanded

It is being reported this afternoon that the GOC NI has announced that the Home Service Battalions of the Royal Irish Regiment are to be disbanded.

Well done the DUP, clearly concessions to republicanism have stopped since they are providing leadership that’s working!

UPDATE: Sir Reg Empey has issued his response.

Predictably the DUP hides its embarrassment at further concessions to Republicans by trying to blame the UUP for this decision. This is lies. Let us not forget that for nearly 2 years the DUP has been the larger Unionist party and promised people that if they voted for them concessions would stop. The last few months have shown this to be a false promise. Apparently Mr Blair didn’t even inform the DUP about this decision.

I used to write and get paid, now I read and don’t.

Former UUP staffer, currently living in London. @mjshilliday