Sinn Fein press conferences this afternoon…

Looks like 4pm is lift off time.

  • Fishfiss

    Ger in Dublin, Marty in the States, must be pretty bad !

  • DaithiO

    Ian Paisley will be happy as he has had his condemnatory speech ready for weeks !

    Whatever P. o’Neill says it won’t be enough for the DUP despite it clearly being good enough for everybody else.

    And all the while normal working class people in the 6 counties are being intimidated in and out of their homes by loyalist paramilitaries who have shown no reverence at all to their “ceasefires”.

    I hope to see some of the anti-republicans on Slugger posting something positive if they can find it in their hearts to consider the brave move being made today.

  • Gonzo

    Actually, the IRA statement is expected to be released BEFORE 4pm, so that Gerry can welcome it in glowing terms.

  • spikslow

    the mud slinging begins hours before the event!!

    wow, this must be a big one!

    I’m sure Paisley has prepared his speech, and I’m sure it’s predictable in its content. but SF is far from above using the media as a platform for platitudes, indeed the long drawn out route we took to get to this point is witness to a very long media relations exercise to get the maximum pr out of the (admittedly highly significant) move. It’s a good day. let’s not waste it with the same old same old.

  • Ginfizz


    When did it become brave to stop murdering people?

  • circles


  • Ginfizz


    That presumably is your response also to the families of those murdered by Sean Kelly, who have had to endure his release as a pre-cursor to this sordid little Provo announcement.

  • levee

    Oooohhhh! I can’t wait! Who’s going to be first to post this one?

  • DaithiO


    No point in asking loyalists is there, they HAVEN’T stopped !

    What is brave is asking the nationalist community to accept the end of the PIRA when the PSNI clearly are unable to protect people from loyalist savagery and intimidation.

  • beano;

    I think loyalists are too busy savagely intimidating their own communities to worry about republicans.

  • PS


    The recent death threat issued to Martin Meehan would suggest otherwise.