It's showtime!

It looks like they were serious after all. I must admit I was beginning to doubt them, but according the Irish Echo, the Daily Ireland (by which presumably they mean its principals) has issued its much anticipated writ against the Minister for Justice. Given that the case could presumably have been brought in the Republic, some may find their faith in British justice particularly heartwarming.

The article goes on to describe the paper’s circulation as “far more than its detractors had anticipated and indicative of its long-term commercial potential”. Having come close to a similar experience themselves, the Echo is clearly taking no chances this time.

  • Blackadder

    Think I’ll sit back and enjoy this little battle………..

  • beano;

    If the DI lose would they not be potentially liable for expensive legal costs for the defendant? Or do I have too much faith in the system?

  • fair_deal

    What are the RoI Court arrangements regarding the public gallery? Am I right in assuming itt the same as the British System?

    It would be worth talking a day off for. McDowell in full flow would be entertaining while if McDowell has a good brief watching Mairtin squirming would be fun too.

  • Fanny

    Ah, the old ‘setting us up for assassination’ defence. I wonder if McDowell’s team will raise the matter of the Andersonstown News Group’s earlier accusation that a Belfast Telegraph journalist was an MI5 agent (for which they were successfully sued)??? Or its recent implication that an Irish News journalist was a PSNI stooge (for which they were also successfully sued)???
    McDowell was certainly over the top. But O’Millionaire must be out of his mind.