Hold the Mayo

One of the concerns most frequently expressed in the Republic about the provisional movement has been the possible corrosive effect of the importation to the south of the tactics adopted by them in the North. Noel Dempsey’s initiative aimed at ending the dispute over Shell’s Corrib gas pipeline, appears to have failed to convince the protestors. The response has a certain wearily familiar ring to it.

  • irishman

    Well if it’s in the Sunday Indo, Jimmy, it must be true….

    This is another attempt by the paranoid indo-unionists to whip up an anti-republican frenzy. It won’t work as people aren’t that stupid.

    Regarding threats made to workers, anyone can pick up a phone or give abuse- particularly outside a bar!

    Sinn Fein are absolutely right to support the Rossport 5. The party’s record on criticising the govt. for selling licences for off-shore exploration with very little return for the state is impressive, stretching back years- Check Leinster House records and/ or archives from the AP/RN.

    But whatever you do, don’t let the truth get in the way of another good Indo scoop!!!

  • Henry94

    The headline refers to IRA-style death threats but in the story it is alleged people were told they would be shot in the head. That appears to be a common or garden death threat to me. Hardly what you would call organisation-specific.

  • Waitnsee

    A story short on facts, it must be said.
    There is a long tradition in rural parts of the south of issuing all manner of rustic fatwas in the name of the ‘boys’ – because, ironically, there is no longer any fear of taking the IRA’s name in vain.

    Of course, come the 32-county socialist republic, such unlicensed threats will all stop because people will know that making them could result in being shot in the head…

  • aquifer

    So now the red diesel republicans have a problem with fossil fuels, and Irish fuel at that.


    Roll on the 32 county windfarm, and planning officials with pistols going door to door looking for nimby objectors.

  • imcer

    Breaking News on Mayo here.

    Impossibility of Sindo Objectivity Explained Here

  • Waitnsee

    Errr sorry there IMCER but you’v just linked to the one news source in Ireland even more amateurish and hysterically inaccurate than the Sindo.

  • Jimmy_Sands

    “The Sunday Independent (the weekend organ of the Independent Newspaper group, famously run by industry boss William Martin Murphy”

    Imcer, indymedia’s definition of “breaking news” may require a rethink.

  • Waitnsee

    The ultimate irony of Indymedia, of course, is that if any of the Dublin-4 wankers who write it were ever to be actually offered a job by Tony O’Reilly they’d immediate burst into tears of joy and sign over their souls to the devil.

  • Jim

    Eh, sorry to break this to ya there jimmy but The Indo isn’t always right – yes i’m not even joking! Fact is that if you were to ring the Gardai in Belmullet then you’d find out its lies so do it!

  • slug

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