A pint for the London emergency services?

Nosemonkey, along with a few other Brit Bloggers did a great job keeping readers up to date on Thurday and after. Now, after an approach by a US reader who wanted to do something directly for the people involved in the clear up and rescue operations, he’s offered to buy several pints for some of the police who were on duty that day on behalf of his remote readers. He also has details of the official appeal funds.

  • Nosemonkey

    Cheers, Wichser – so I shouldn’t ask them to have one for you then?

  • Wichser


    If this had been proposed 2 days after the Shankill bomb or Greysteel wouldn’t it be equally repellant to have suggested setting up a charity appeal for ambulance men and women to have got drunk in recognition of their endeavours when this is, in fact, what they’re paid for?

  • Alan McDonald


    It might be a New York thing, the tendancy to want to buy the police officer or firefighter a beer in recognition of a particularly hard day’s work.

  • Wichser


    Be that as it may I think that this is highly inappropriate in the circumstances.

  • Dessertspoon

    Wichser I don’t think Ambulance men & women, fire fighters, police or any other emergency services are paid anywhere near enough to deal with the horror of what they saw last week. Many of them worked above and beyond and while you may argue that working in the sevices they do they should expect to see many horrible things 49 people blown to bits on their way to work by a bunch of nutcases with a grudge isn’t one of them, not to mention the hundreds injured and scarred physically and mentally for life.

    I think they deserve a lot more than a beer or two.

  • Wichser


    Buying beer in the circumstances of mass grief and shock (before the funerals, even) is the inappropriate bit, not that emergency services shouldn’t receive praise or a decent standard of living. We knew all that before the bombs in London.

  • bertie

    I don’t see this as a mark of disrespect to the bereaved and injured, but as a gesture of solidarity with the rescue services and as such I think it’s fine.

    There are dangers in alcohol being used to self medicate and to bypass the impact of a trauma but if it encourages the resue workers to gather in an environment to talk to each other on an equal footing, then it may help.