US Liberal overtaking Conservative blogs?

I’d venture a guess this is one you won’t get to read on the determinedly conservative ATW. The story is from the Liberal, but the thinking seems sound. Chris Bowers has been looking at the relative performances of US Liberal and Conservative political blogggers. From September 2004, when he saw greater focus as a key to the success of conservative bloggers, he now thinks they may be too individualised in their focus to match the growth of the Liberal community blogs that are crowding into the top of the charts.He believes that the innate conservatism of the blogosphere is creating insurrmountable barriers to new conservative voices trying to break into the US top flight:

In short, the anti-community nature of right-wing blogs has resulted in a stagnant aristocracy within the conservative blogosphere that prevents the emergence of new voices and, as a result, new reasons for people to visit conservative blogs.