McCabe releases off the table, says widow…

AS speculation grows about an imminent IRA statement, the widow of Garda McCabe says the release of his killers will play no part in the forthcoming political negotiations. Meanwhile, Sinn Fein has said the PSNI Chief Constable could play a role in contributing to reconciliation by coming clean about collusion between police and paramilitaries in the past.

  • peteb
  • barnshee

    They are all wasting their time- the boat has sailed -the train has left the station etc etc .
    The DUPERS dare not do a deal with SF now -they will be out of office the second they do.

    Settle down for a long period of direct rule(Tony Bertie and Co will not be around for much longer anyway)


    [Martin. This is a graffiti-free zone – ed. Mod]

  • martin


    what Graffiti ?

    If she wants to make statements of political importance then we the general public,who will be affected by those statements, have a right to question her credentials

  • martin

    By the way i seem to recall the 4 prisoners asked that their case not be brought up any more and in the interest of peace process they would serve out the rest of their sentence, she knows this because she rejected their apology at that time –whats wrong –she misses being the star of a media circus.

  • martin


    I just see your behaviour as more evidence of the sinister nature of the Garda and the fear of criticising them displayed even by yourself.

    Poster after poster have critisised the Mc Cartney sisters and what motivates them–but when Annie MC Cabes credability comes under fire its press blackout—I think shes just suffering from post-media attention syndrom–The prisoners themselves have said they dont want to be part of any further negotiations.

  • Ringo

    Annie McCabes credability

    Martin –

    You are in no position to question the credability of anyone after that statement, let alone Ann McCabes.

    Sickening stuff. One less poster to bother reading in future I suppose.

  • martin


    I know a lot more about Jerry than you do,anyway why is she comming on air to state the obvious–that the 4 wont be part of any future negotiations,they themselves have said they dont want to be negotiated on,and in the interests of the peace process willingly serve out their sentence.I admire the R.u.c Widows though, even though they hate,despise and have utter contempt for their husbands killers they were prepared to accept prisoners release under the Good Friday Agreement———–And they got no-where near as much compensation as some others.

  • martin


    I wonder if the southern press would be as willing next election to have a front page photograph LEST WE FORGET

    with a picture of JOHN CARTHY,murdered by garda in Abbylara

    OR THE MAC BREARTY FAMILY,especially frank jnr helping garda with their enquiries -and by the way a lot of the RUC men killed got no warnings to desist from their heavy handed harrassment unlike MC cabe WHO RECEIVED SEVERAL.

  • Martin Dub

    I agree with my namesake. Far too much attention has been given to this woman. I can recall her very early on when it first came up about the release of the killers (about 6 months after the aborted Trimble deal), she came onto a radio show and said that she wasn’t saying anything publicly after this. The same happened during the 2004 negotiations, she was on the radio, but stressed that she wasn’t doing anymore interviews after that one. Then she was on every politics show for the next 3 weeks.

    And for some strange reason ,received a Sunday Independant Person of the Year award for her campaign, along with Bertie Ahern, who supported the prisoners release. Very contradictory.

    Unfortunately, she is going to have to come to terms with the fact that her husbands killers are going to be released in a few years anyway, no matter what she does. Perhaps, she has realised this.

  • bertie

    The comment about the RUC widows accepting prisoner releases is an insult to the many who did not and do not find this in any way acceptable.