All-Ireland electricity market one step nearer

A single electricity market for the island of Ireland has moved a step closer with the signing of a formal Memorandum of Understanding by the Republic’s ESB National Grid (ESBNG) and the System Operator Northern Ireland (SONI).

Hopefully this will, as promised, deliver competitive prices to consumers.

A formal agreement is expected by next February to establish the new market operator, in time to meet the deadline of July 1 2007 for the start of the single electricity market.

For the anoraks, there are also graphs on both companies’ homepages which show how much electricy each part of the island is using per day.

  • Seamusin

    oh my gollygosh, has anyone told the big man?

    the roman conspiracy is piggybacking its way into ulster through this new fangled technology.

    mobilise now!!!

  • Davros

    As we in the UK have huge energy reserves, we’ll be glad to help you guys out as and when the turf runs out 🙂 It wouldn’t surpise me to find out that there’s a cunning plan behind all this – Cover the ROI with Wind farms to power London and help meet Kyoto targets!

  • bill

    It obviously makes sense to operate our supplies on an all island basis.

    Hopefully the consumers on the island will see price reductions.

  • Davros

    bill – surely what is happening is that we are going to share our supplies on an all archipelago basis ?

  • George

    Indeed Davros,
    there needs to be an all-island market to create an all islands market. The interconnectors are there.

    I wouldn’t say sharing, I’d say selling. What ever you do don’t mention “sharing supplies” to the Scots, their GDP in relation to the rest of Britain has gone down since they found North Sea Oil.

  • aquifer

    Energy was excluded from the cross-border bodies under the GFA, probably on the basis that the logic for an all-island approach was so obvious.

    As Engineering Officer Scottie on the starship enterprise used to say:

    ‘Ye cannie beat the laws o’ physics’

    He even said it in Ulster Scots, so the Onionists could not possibly have a problem with it.

  • barney


    “surely what is happening is that we are going to share our supplies on an all archipelago basis ?”

    I’m surprised by such parochialism from a devout EU integrationist. As there is already a France-UK interconnector then this is surely another step towards a single european electricity system. Why restrict yourself to the local archipelago?
    Anyway, back to local matters, the ESB are already a major supplier to various British Army and RUC/PSNI fortresses throughout the occupied six counties. The shame of it.

  • Davros

    I’m surprised by such parochialism from a devout EU integrationist.

    I’m full of surprises and tactful to boot 🙂 The EU region I favour is the British Isles. That’s a double whammy for our SF friends who dislike the EU as a concept even more than being part of a British anything – on the other hand I might just have been
    taking the p 😉

  • barney


    I certainly hope you don’t think I was taking the p! 🙁
    How would you feel about the EU project when Britain withdraws (after Irish reunification of course!)? Don’t let the hypotheticals hold you back.

  • Davros

    Britain won’t withdraw. We are moving forward to a federal socialist republic of Europe.

  • mnob


    dont you just love marketing dept driven ‘news’ stories.

    … and on the same weekend that the transformer on the ESB side of the interconnector connecting North and South unexpectedly went on the blink and will take months if not years to repair …