Newry and Mourne councillors accused of “wilful misconduct”

The BBC are reporting that the local government auditor has accused members of Newry and Mourne District Council of wilful misconduct, after they ignored legal advice following accusations of discrimination brought by William Frazer of FAIR. The Council lost the court case.According to the BBC, the auditor has recommended that the individual councillors should pay the resulting legal bill [which seems to work out at £10,000 each(?)], rather than the Council – and all the local rate-payers – but the UUP’s Danny Kennedy wants the councillors concerned barred from office as well. The councillors have denied the charge of wilful misconduct and have until the end of the month to appeal the ruling. But, if they have ignored legal advice in this case then, IMO, barring them from office would be wise move – for all their constituents.