The media is afraid of the Garda…

Vincent Browne’s nightly show on RTE radio has been tracking the final stages of the Morris Tribunal into a bizarre set of events in which it seems the Garda in Donegal, not only mistreated a straightforward hit and run accident, it seems that some evidence was fabricated and witnesses who could have provided alibis not taken. Browne gives a stirring account of how he believe things went so badly wrong (and why it took nearly ten years to get to the bottom of the truth) in yesterday’s Sunday Business Post.

  • Oilbhéar Chromaill

    MORRIS not Maurice

  • Mick

    First post of the morning Olibhear – have a heart!

  • Henry94

    John Waters in the Irish Times this morning is pretty good too.

    (Mick, What’s the rule about posting sucscription only stuff from the IT?)

    The need for reform is obvious but the political will appears not to exist.

  • fair_deal

    There seems to be a lot of the old ireland alive and well underneath the Celtic Tiger (please excuse the mixed metaphors it is a monday morning and we did lose 4-1. 4-1 against 10 men and we gave away the equaliser …….etc etc to any poor soul who comes within ten feet of me today).

  • Mick

    Henry, about 10% of the story is consider fair use.

  • Henry94

    Thanks Mick

    The point Waters is making is that we can’t assume that the Gardai in general are fine and that the events exposed in the tribunal were a one-off. It would be safer to assume the opposite.

    He ends with this

    I have no ulterior reason for criticising the Garda. I have never been “in trouble with the law”. I have a single conviction for driving an uninsured vehicle when I was 21. Otherwise, my slate is clean. But my sense is that our police force is at best only marginally to be trusted. And any time I make such an observation in public, I find myself snowed under with accounts from people with similar views and experiences to substantiate them, perhaps because they feel liberated from the general culture of piety about such matters in the public domain.

  • Michail Darley

    Just something I’ve noticed in slugger, or not noticed. Have there been any topic starters based on published criticisms of the PSNI? Surely there are some out there. Seems like the Garda get a few knocks (probably deserved).

  • Davros

    Michail – click on the Topic ‘Policing’ and have a look. In May there was a Blog on a Danny Morrison piece in Daily Ireland and a Blog on the Video that hit the news.

  • D’Oracle

    Politicians, especially successful ones, tend to have skeletons that would “not be understood” by the rest of us ; the Gardai know about most of these so the politicos dont lightly like to upset them.

  • martin

    it would be well worth someones while investigating some of the arms “finds” IN Limerick some people say there is a Donegal catch to them –wont say any more for legal reasons but well worth a look into it