Sinn Féin accuse eBay of “censorship”

As Mick noted yesterday, Sinn Féin were attempting to sell “part of a British MI5 bugging device” on eBay – coinciding with the publication of the IMC Report. Da Broom has a record of the item as listed with photos. As the Broom also noted later, eBay has now removed the item from their site. In response SF has re-started the auction at their own site and Mitchel McLaughlin has taken the time-worn route of accusing eBay of a “clumsy effort at censorship”... It is not known whether eBay will respond by accusing Sinn Féin of a clumsy attempt at propaganda.. Update The BBC report that eBay have stated that the item was removed “because it contravened clauses 6.2 and 9 of the eBay users agreement“.