Rumblings of discontent

Forget that silly game this afternoon where overpaid grown men run about after a piece of air-filled leather and hug and kiss each other in front of millions – THE final everyone should be talking about is tonight in the Ukraine. The Guardian’s media correspondent, Owen Gibson, takes a look and reports Discord in Ireland over Eurovision failure.”Irish eyes won’t be smiling tonight after the country’s failure to qualify for the Eurovision song contest led to bitter recriminations and left the BBC presenter Terry Wogan as its only representative at the contest in Ukraine.

Ireland, which has won the annual pop festival a record seven times, met its Waterloo after being forced to qualify for the first time under rules designed to pare down the number of countries performing on the night in the song contest’s 50th year.

[my emphasis in bold]


Louis Walsh, Logan’s former manager, who now looks after Westlife, said Ireland should never have sent amateurs to a professional event.

“The standard was very, very high,” he said, apparently with a straight face. “But other countries are sending their biggest stars, with their best songwriters. They did their very, very best, they didn’t let us down. But they weren’t good enough and the song was not good enough.”

C’es la vie, cherie!